Friday, July 24, 2009

5 month scan

Last week we had our 20 week (5 month) scan of baby nbr 2. It was great to see the little one and know that everything is developing well. And although the baby did not fully co-operate, we believe that Kaio will be the big brother of a little sister!
Last week we had 6 toddlers and two new-borns (+moms) over for tea and cake. Besides the complete madness of toys flying everywhere, children running around, crayon paintings on the floor and wall, etc..Kaio was great in sharing his toys, playing with everyone and was very sweet with the babies. He kept saying - "two babies" the rest of the day!
I have been feeling very well, although I do feel a bit more tired with this pregnancy. I think it is mainly because I used to swim 3 times a week when I was pregnant with Kaio. I also don't get to sleep in as much anymore, nor can I sit peacefully sipping on ginger tea and ready a book when Kaio is around. I am not complaining, I LOVE playing with him and it always amazes me how he develops and learns so fast, but he is 'on the go'! Although he has been wanting to 'play baby'. He then cuddles in my arms and stays very still. He also grabs a blanket and want's to be tucked in and cuddled! (I adore this sweet - and quiet-moments)
Kaio is doing really well in asking for 'help' when he needs us. (to open a door, to reach a toy, etc) In the past he used to just cry or scream in frustration... it's made our household much quieter and avoids him/us getting frustrated!
Today we got him a 'leash'. It's a little back pack which we can attach a lead to so we can 'control' him when we go for a walk. He absolutely loves it. He kept putting it on his back, grabbing some toys and saying 'bye-bye'. (it has a hat in it so he has a turtle outfit!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Changing Toddler!

I noticed I have been very reflective on the blog but not bragging about how my little boy is developing, what he is doing and the funny things he does! A couple of cute things:
- When he sees a picture with more then 1 ball, apple, truck, etc... he says - oo (=one), tu (=two). Which shows he understands plurals!
- He imitates us a lot. Yesterday he grabbed Jason's running hat and ipod holder (an armband). and dressed himself as he was ready to go for a run. He then said 'bye-bye' to us and headed for the door!
- He laughs and smiles a lot. He is truly happy (most of the time) and encourages us to laugh too.(he is pretty successful at that!) he looks at us for approval, with a smile, when he tries out new things and words.
- If he sees anything dirty, he wants to clean it. He goes and grabs the disinfectant wipes and he cleans. He also uses his broom often.
- In the morning, specially on weekends, we bring him in bed with us when he wakes up. Most of the times he is in a good mood and he plays with us for 30 min before asking for food. It's adorable because he cuddles, tickles, is tickled, giggles, plays 'peekaboo' and is a happy little toddler! It's a great way to wake up in the morning.
- He climbs up chairs and sofas very easily and says 'yeah' when he gets on the top. (as we always encourage and cheer him).
- He loves music and really enjoys dancing.
- He is sweet to Vinny but also knows what Vinny should not be doing (which he has learned from watching us). He then walks to Vinny, points his finger and says 'nonono tity'.
- He loves to play in the sand.
- He is repeating (or attempts to repeat) anything we say to him.
- He knows the colors blue, red and (we are working on the) green.
- He loves to jump and run across our bed. (at anytime)
- He loves his bath time and splashing around, playing with his bath toys and filling empty shampoo bottles with water and emptying them out on his head. (followed by a big smile!)
- He used to say 'uuu' when he wanted to come up. Now he has mastered the uuuP. Now we are working on the Please instead of the ease.
- He is always very happy to see me when I pick him up at daycare. His eyes cheer up and he comes running with his open arms!
- He says ta tou (=thank you) instead of ta.
- He recognizes several people in the pictures we keep in our house. Oma, Opa, Grandma, Grandpa and titio. He does say 'baby' when looking at the pictures of him as a little baby!
- He is always a bit shy when we first arrive at a new location, with 'new' people. But it does not take that long for him to feel at home and run around!
- He continues to love books! He constantly is asking to be read a story and can spend hours by his book shelves looking at his books.
- He continues not being that interested in food. But he loves corn, fish sticks, sausage, mashed potatoes, green beans, ANY fruit and yogurt.
- Yesterday he was able to take of his pants by himself (big step towards potty training!)
- He enjoys to walk instead of being in his pram. Sometimes it is a fight to get him in it since he wants to be on his feet, exploring everything. A normal 10min walk with Vinny can take 30mins with Kaio walking along!
- He loves his little Crocks (Scooby doo once) and continues having stinky baby feet (adorable!!!)
This list could go on and on as he is doing so many things and is so much fun! But bottom line, he is an adorable little toddler that is developing nicely.
Pics showing some of the above:
1) Playing in the park
2) Daddy and Kaio being silly!
3) After climbing the chair... the computer!
4) One of my favorite pics, Kaio rocking out with my ipod on!

Sunday, July 05, 2009


I was looking at some pictures when Kaio was a newborn and am so amazed how much Kaio has changed. You can definitely see some traces that remain the same (such as his nose and hair). However he was such a small and fragile baby who liked to breastfeed and sleep and made it very clear he needed any of those!
Now he is a toddler that runs around (occasionally he falls and stands right up), 'talks', loves to read books, loves trucks, diggers (anything that has a motor really), animals, he is so sweet and loves to hug and cuddle, loves to eat fruit and try different foods but he still knows how to make it very clear when he wants something.
1) One of his first pictures
2) A recent picture

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Baby nbr 2

I am now 4 1/2 months along with baby nbr 2 and feeling very well.
I am so happy about this new addition and can't wait for the moment Kaio meets the new baby for the first time. I have a strong feeling he will be a great big brother.
The age gap between them will be 24 months (2 years and 2 months) which I think will be a good difference. My older sister and I have a difference of 13 months (yes, my mom was busy!) and in the first years we were very close and attached to each other, however when we got older we developed a (unhealthy) competitive behaviour, which lasted for years and drew us apart. (We are finally working on our relation again) I think we might have been too close of age!
Thinking of our little ones, it will be nice to see how baby nbr 2 will look up and try to imitate Kaio, but we have to be very conscious about avoiding these competitive behaviours or comparing them as I am sure they will be very different!
Kaio is generally an independent little boy and has grown up like that partially due to day-care but also how we encourage him to play by himself (without us constantly having to entertain him). He does know how to share and is generally very happy playing with other children. Which I think are important aspects for when baby nbr 2 arrives.
Kaio has been very attached to me and is constantly asking for 'mommy' when daddy is with him. He also tends to cry when I drop him at day-care (which he does not do with Jason), but I think it is a phase and generally he is easily distracted. I am hoping that this phase will end before baby nbr 2.