Friday, February 18, 2011

fun quotes from Kaio!

As I have mentioned a couple of times, Kaio's vocabulary has expanded beyond believe and sometimes he goes on and on about things, telling (really or fictional) stories, asking us "por que" about everything, etc It is very entertaining see him chat away like that! In the past, I used to see other people's kids say or ask embarrassing/funny things and was curious when our kids would start doing that... well, with Kaio, it is in full swing! Below are a couple of "stories" from the last couple of weeks:
- "Mamae dormiu peladona" - when the summer started we had to make a big effort to convince Kaio to sleep in his underwear (he was used with his PJs) and we pointed out how daddy and I sleep with underwear and Josefine in nappies, so he agreed to sleep in underwear and often he would wake up and ask in what we had slept... a couple of weeks ago, Josefine was sick and in the middle of the night threw up all over me, I took of my PJs (and the rest) as it was covered in vomit! Since it was 3am I just went bad to bed naked. In the morning Kaio saw me without cloths (but did not say much). When our cleaning lady arrived, one of the first things he said was "Eu dormi de cueca, o papai dormiu de cueca, a Josefine dormiu de fralda e a mamae dormiu PELADONA!" (I slept in underwear, Daddy slept in underwear, Josefine slept in nappies and mommy slept naked!) It was hilarious!
- "Oma nao 'e burra" - the other day my mom was cooking (with assistent cook Kaio next to her!) and she put the wrong spice in the meal and said out loud "A Oma 'e burra" (Oma is dumb), at which Kaio, instantly and very spontaneously said " Tu nao 'e burra Oma, tu 'e a linda do meu coracao!" (you are not dumb Oma, you are the love of my heart!) You can imagine how happy Oma was!
- "Cuidado 'pilha'" - when Josefine is trying to walk or ready to fall over, I say "cuidado filha" (be careful daughter). The other day, Kaio was playing with her and they were rolling around, she almost bumped her head against the chair, at which Kaio said "Cuidado 'pilha'" (he pronounces the p instead of the f) (be careful 'battery')
Josefine is also increasing her vocabulary and says - daddy, mama, mano, Opa, belly, ball, aviao (airplane), baby, vrmmvrmm (car) and yummie yummie (food). When we say new words, she attentively looks at our mouth and tries to imitate the sounds. The other day, Kaio was screaming at her (because she had grabbed his toy) and she looked seriously and then yelled back in the same tone! (also very instantly and spontaneously)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Chile

At the moment, Jason and I are in Chile. We have taken 10 days, without the kids, to explore a bit of the country! It has been great to spend some time just the two of us, but we constantly "catch" ourselves talking about the kids or looking at pictures.
Oma has been taking care of them and has had her hands full - I call twice a day and for two days I have not been able to talk to her, because she was either putting Josefine for her morning nap, giving her a bottle or putting Kaio to bed! Opa said it all yesterday evening - "you know how it is, you have your hands full with two little ones!". Luckily Josefine it all settled at nursery and they both go there from 1 until 6:30, giving Oma some time to breath.
I spoke on the phone with Kaio the other day and when Opa said that I could stay away as long as I wanted since the kids did not miss us (jokingly), Kaio jumped in and said "nao mamae, volta!" (no mommy, come back!) It also warms me all up inside when he says - "I love you" when he says goodbye.