Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kaio has become a very fluent little boy. The other day he even told me a story. In the past, he asked me to tell stories and I would make up random stories about police officers, horses, dogs, etc but the other day I motivated him to tell me a story and he made up a cute little story about a mommy cow and a baby cow who lived in a little house and mommy cow made the baby cow some dinner after he played outside! He also does a condensed version of the 3 little pigs and the bad wolf. He is also very attentive to our conversation and often asks what we are talking about. (like it is his business ;-)
On the other hand, Josefine has started to use the sign language and can do "all done" very nicely. She has 5 teeth now and is eating a lot of new foods. She really likes cubes of cheese, raisins, chicken and beef (I give her a entire chunck and she sucks and bites on it), cherry tomatoes, whole potatoes, peas,..., and we keep trying diferent things all the time, which she always accepts. (although she first takes a lick to see if she opens her mouth). She is a fast crawler and goes and gets what she wants. She particularly likes the bathroom (maybe because we always stop her) and the other day she threw my armband in the toilet!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Both kids are taking swimming classes. Kaio goes on Monday and Josefine on Wednesdays. On both days I take both kids, which is very busy but lots of fun (which seems to be my 'life' the last couple of months/years....)
On Monday, we head to the swimming class where I get Kaio ready. Josefine and I watch him swimming. Josefine loves being "out and about" and getting lots of attention. When Kaio is done swimming I put Josefine in the babybjorn and give him a shower and dress him. Because Josefine loves her brother, she just 'hangs' in front of me and stares at her brother, although she is starting to get big and heavy to keep using the Bjorn. We have a snack before we head home.
On Wednesday I give Kaio the option to stay home and watch some TV (Jason is working from home and can watch him) or come with us and he always chooses to come with us. He picks a book or a toy to take along. We go to the swimming class where Kaio watches us getting ready and then sits next to the pool while Josefine and I take the class. During the class we sing several songs and do activities... Kaio always has a big smile on his face to see his sister splashing, diving and grabbing toys. He hardly touches his book or toy, he just watches our class. The teachers are the same and they always comment in how loving the kids are to each other! (Kaio always has a smile when he sees Josefine and the other way around is also true!) When we take a shower and get ready to go, Kaio gets his book and toy and entertains him.
Kaio still needs to get a bit more comfortable in the water and gets a bit "nervous" when diving, but he is getting much better. He loves his swimming classes and loves being in the water (head above water) Josefine on the other hand wants to constantly throw herself in the water and I have to pay attention since she always wants to go under water. The teachers comments in how great she does when we dive together (yes, she goes all the way under for several seconds and several times during the class)
It is becoming a fun and great "routine" on Monday and Wednesday morning. And we all love it!