Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September 2011

Kidlets are doing great! Besides (hopefully) the last cold of this winter which resulted in some chesty coughs and lot´s of nose cleaning.... both kids are great.

It seems he has cranked up the "por quês?" but has also start asking some very good questions, showing how this world is still a big enigma for him! "why are the starts in the sky?" "why do they only appear at night?" "why is my skin not as dark as Sorridente" (his capoeira teacher)
Kaio turned 4 this month and we had a lot of activity around his Bday! First he got a birthday party at school with all his friends and teachers. He chose Kungfu Panda as the theme for his party and it was a lot of fun. On his actual birthday, Monday, we spend the morning together went to McDonalds (one of his favorite places!) and in the evening we finished it with a delicious cake (cream and strawberry) I actually had a test and was the first to finish to rush home and be able to enjoy the last 30mins of his bday with him! The following weekend I had another party at home with some of our friends and family! Another day of lots of attention and presents! It is amazing to think Kaio is 4 already! I catch myself thinking how big he is, but still so little compared to the years to come!
This month Kaio has again starting testing his boundaries at school. Kaio, Leo and Lucas are the 3 buddies that from a little "gang" and bully other kids. (They also have big fights amongst them) His teacher talked to the three of us and mentioned that Kaio is mainly following the bad behavior of his friends. Of course, we took it seriously and he lost his TV for a couple of days. We have also told him that if his teacher would complain about anything, he would lose more TV hours! It seemed to have worked and he has improved. Boys are boys and that is inevitable, but when they start pushing other kids over or throwing stones on their teachers, we needed to intervene!
Kaio has been counting really well, both in Portuguese and English. He also is coloring nicely and comes home with all kinds of new learning’s as he also "absorbs" everything from what we say, what he hears on the TV, etc He is clever little guys who is just a sponge and absorbs everything around him!

She continues being a cute blond, blue eyed toddler that gets a lot of attention from everyone! Now that she runs, talks and interacts she gets even more attention! She has started being a bit shy amongst new people (which fades after a little bit) She likes to imitate her brother but can also "push" him away when she is not in the mood for his kisses and hugs. She says "popit" (stop it) when she doesn´t like something. Josefine plays nicely with her "dolidol" (dolls) and gets a pillow for each of her dolls and teddy bears available and puts them to sleep (she puts a blanky over their eyes) and then seh grabs them and says "adodou" (acordou = woke up) and starts playing with them. If we say anything she puts her finger to her mouth and say "ssh, dolidol mimindo" (Dolidol dormingo-doll sleeping)
Last month 6 teeth decided to come out at the same time and it was a very painful event! She now has all her teeth with the exception of the 4 big molars. (ouch!)
She continues to be very independent and wants to eat by herself, take her backpack to the car when we have to go to school, go up and down the stairs by herself, etc. She has also started taking interest in potty and often says "xixi", I then put her on the potty, she sits there for 10 secs (with cloths on) and then says "deu" (done).

Jason has been using the counting rhyme to get the kids out of bath (they would stay in in all day if we would allow them)

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Catch the tiger by the toe.
If it hollers let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

After 2 weeks, suddenly Kaio started singing along and this weekend, out of nowhere (she wasn´t even in the bath) Josefine sang the song too and kept singing it throughout the day! (Priceless!)

-> First Icecream of the summer! Yum! Josefine didn´t "recognize" what it was, and when she bit in it she had a angry look and said it was "hot" and started blowing at it!!! After a couple of licks, she was all over it!
-> Josefine playing with her dolls and teddy bears! (some are "sleeping" and some are "playing")
-> Kaio at McDonalds on his birthday!
-> Kidlets love to play "baby". I have to give them bottles, sing lullabies, pet thier backs...
-> On "dia das crianças" (childrens day) the kids wore costumes to school. Josefine was the "pinteza" (=princesa=princess) and Kaio Hot Wheels Vermelho! They loved dressing up!
-> Both kids loved helping with the painting.-> Kaio and Josefine dancing!-> Playing with funny homemade hats!-> Some Birthday parties pictures....
First party at school:

At home with friends and family: