Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kaio BERnard!

The kids are settling in nicely. Josie is getting so big so fast. I don't remember Kaio smiling so much so early; every time we look at her it seems like she's got big smiles and coo-ing.
And Kaio has been really cute in the last few days: he will point at himself and say "who's this one?". We respond: "Kaio Bernard", and then he'll respond back to us: "Daio BERnard, Daio BERnard, Daio BERnard". (or sometimes he sponteneously says - "this one Daio BERnard!")
He still can't say Kaio 100% correct (very close though!) but he can say Bernard perfectly. Sometimes we'll also say "Bernie", to which he'll respond, "No! Kaio BERnard! Not Bernie"
When we point at Josie he says - "Totetine MAIA". I am - "Anelie" and Jason is "Ason"
Josie is exploring with her arms and legs. She looks like a boxing kangeroo. She holds her fists closed and tries to reach to objects. A couple of times she has been successful in actually grabbing toys held in front of her.
On monday it will be 3 weeks since we arrived in Brazil and everything it going smoothly. We've found a nice apartment, started applying for Jason's permanent residency card, I am getting my driver license sorted, etc. Lot's of burocracy, but we are looking forward in living here!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blue eyed girl...

First set of pics from Brazil:
1 & 2) Josie is a smiley baby! She continues to smile and steals everyone's heart with her happy personality!
3) Kaio and daddy having fun in the pool
4) Mommy with Kaio on the potty - he is doing so well with the potty training!!!!
5) Kaio very proud in his underwear
6) Kaio loves watching the birdies at Oma's house
7) Sleeping in his 'big boy's' bed. He transitioned really well to it. (having the bed next to Oma's bed is definitely helping)
8) Josefine
9) Blue eyes - they seem to be here to stay!

Sunday, February 07, 2010


We arrived in Brazil a week ago. The trip went really well and both kids behaved well during the flight. It was great to see the family and enjoy some relax time.
It has been VERY hot and the kids are starting to cope better after a rough couple of first days. Josefine had never felt something like that and was really upset with the excessive heat (it has been around 38C). Kaio was so happy to be with Oma and everyone else, he also loves all the space and different activities here.
Kaio has also taken some big steps in the last two days. Yesterday we started the potty training and we have had some great results. Several pipi's and this morning a poopy on the potty. He seems to really get it and is now in underwear during the day. The second big step was moving from a crib to a children bed. So far, he has accepted it well and has been sleeping well in it.
Josefine is also enjoying being here. She spends the days only in her nappy since it is so hot. It is adorable to see her little legs and arms uncovered (which had been constantly covered with the cold weather in London).
It has been great to have all the help of my family and we are enjoying this first stage of our sabbatical!