Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our happy baby is back!

After 4 days of sick baby..... our baby boy is back. Today, saturday - Kaio's 7 months birthday - I was on duty - He woke up at 6am and I took care of him while Jason slept in. (we do this on the weekends so we can catch up on some sleep!). First he was a bit 'mowny' and I thought he would have another sick day. But, after I gave him his breakfast (which he gulved down) he was the smiley, happy, fun and amazing little baby! We played, laughed, cuddled, hugged and had a great time... when Jason woke up, at 8ish, he was expecting me to be exhausted from taking care of a sick baby, but instead I had a huge smile on my face and said - "our baby is back!"
It is amazing what a different baby we had this weekend!
We went for a nice long walk (with Vinny and Kaio) and had lunch (and some pints) at a pub!!!
Kaio seemed to have a bit of a food aversion after being sick (he associated feeling 'yucky' with the food) so we had to 'force' the food in his mouth (while he opened his mouth to cry or laugh) and once he tasted the yummy food he kept opening his mouth for more!

Friday, April 25, 2008

sick baby :-(

Kaio has been sick since tuesday. I have had to pick him up at daycare after lunch for the last 3 days. I am going to the Dr. again today. Although, if it is a virus infection then there is not much we can do besides ensuring he does not get dehydrated, is comfortable, clean and gets enough rest. It is just sad to see the happy, playful baby with a pouty face, throwing up and clearly uncomfortable. The only thing that makes him smile is seeing Vinny! I hope he improves soon since I feel very helpless and terrible in not being able to make him feel better!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Heart 'thief'

On Monday Kaio did the cutest thing: I went to pick him up at daycare and he was sitting on someone's lap, when I came and said hi, he opened a big smile, reached out both arms to me and gave me a big hug!!!!!!!!!!! So adorable - it's one of those moments I will never forget!
Last night we had a rough night. Kaio threw up a couple of time. The first time I was alone with him and he couldn't breath, turned all red and his eyes turned upwards. It was very scary! We thought it might have been the vitamins I had given on his empty tummy. I had planned to go out with some grilfriends for dinner and got dressed. When I was ready to leave and went to give him a good night kiss he threw up again. I couldn't leave! I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself knowing he was sick. He threw up another 2 times during the night (during his sleep) and was very cranky this morning. Poor little guy!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lot's of firsts

This week we had a couple of firsts in Kaio's live:
- First full week at day care - he did really well. Everyone keeps telling me what a great baby he is (he eats all his food, he sleeps nicely, he likes to play, he doesn't cry much, etc)
- First serious cold - lot's of coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, conjunctivitis - this one went hand in hand with the previous first!
- First time without mommies milk. Kaio is now completely weaned. On thursday, April 17th, I had to go to a meeting and leave home early, so I did not feed him and Jason gave him his breakfast (formula milk, cereal and fruit). I haven't given him the breast since then.
- First big bath with daddy - Jason was a bit 'affraid' at first but soon saw that Kaio was having fun and he is not as slippery and difficult to hold as a new born - I think both enjoyed the bath very much
- First rice cookie - I gave him a rice cookie and he chewed on it, bit off little pieces and 'asked' for more..
Kaio is sitting by himself so nicely. Oma gave him a nice toy that he can sit up and play with it He can push buttons and see lights flashing and it also makes a lot of noises. He loves it and it helps him to be motivated to sit up.

He is so cute when he grabs his feet and put them in his mouth!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First day

Yesterday was Kaio's first full day at daycare (and away from me!). In the morning Jason and I went together to drop him off. We handed him over to the daycare team and he was all smiles to them. I headed to work and was able to not call them all day and keep myself busy.... I went to pick him up at 5pm. When he saw me he smiled and came to my arms and gave me a 'monster' hug. SO ADORABLE! They said he had a great day. He played, painted, ate all his food, napped and cuddled with several people! I then went home to change, pick up Vinny and go for a walk. It was very nice to still enjoy part of the day with him. it will be nice in the summer to be able to enjoy the outside until later (it only get's dark at 10pm). At night he fell asleep on me while I was preparing his bottle, he was so tired from a busy day. Jason came home with beautiful flowers and we had a glass of wine to celebrate my first day back at work and Kaio's first day at daycare.
Going back to work was better then I thought. Things have not changed much (Same burocracy, politics, projects, people, etc as 7 months ago, when I went on maternity leave) and it is nice to come back to a job I already know and can easily execute. My manager is on holiday for 14 days, so it also has been easy to start slowely.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sick baby

Kaio caught our cold or already got his first bug from the nursery. On thursday he started having some pus on his right eye and he started coughing. On friday he had pus in his left eye as well and more sneezes and coughs. I took him to the Dr. whom said he probable just rubbed his nose and then rubbed his eyes, which caused the eye infection, she prescribed Kaio's first antibiotics (drops for his eyes) He absolutely hates having the drops in his eyes and by the third drops he already recognized the bottle and started screaming.
Today we went to have lunch and Kaio had his lunch at the restaurant. I made a new puree. I used cauliflower and broccolis and he clearly wasn't happy. Every time the spoon went to his mouth he started crying, so after a while I just decided to give him his dessert, strawberry yogurt - the first bite was difficult to give (since he was expecting more caulicolis) but then he kept opening his mouth for the sweet stuff. I then started putting the caulicolis mix between two spoonfuls of yogurt so he would eat more of the savory, well, we have a smart boy - after 2 of 'sneaked in' bites he started not taking anything!!
Tomorrow will be his first full day at daycare, his back pack and dummy (with initials) are ready... snif... Jason has been so great through this all. He knows this is hard on me and has been extremely sweet and supportive. Yesterday he prepared a bath with aromatherapy and a glass of wine, he has been taking cranky and sick Kaio in the am so I can sleep longer, he makes my chai latte in the morning and just a great and supportive hubby and daddy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pictures from Belgium

1) With Lucas in the grocery store
2) Kaio, mommy, Ana Julia and Lucas
3) 4 generations - Kaio, mommy, Oma and Moeke
4) Kaio and Lucas playing
5) Kaio with Ana Julia after the bath together
6) Having fun in Belgium
7) Kaio, mommy, Oma, Ana Julia, Moeke, Karolien, Omi and Lucas (It was Omi's 60th birthday dinner)
8) Kaio and Moeke (she is 89!)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Settling in

Today was Kaio's second settling in session at daycare. Yesterday I spend 1 hr with him at the nursery. He looked around, stared at the crying babies and played with the new toys. They also wanted to have him paint while I was filling out some forms, but instead of painting he grabbed the piece of paper and put it in his mouth! Today I left him for 1 1/2hrs (by himself). He had woken up early today and hadn't taken a morning nap, so I thought he would be cranky. When I came back, he was sleeping (even with other children playing and screaming around him) and they said he had played nicely, drank some water and giggled a lot! I was very relieved it had gone so well. Tomorrow I leave him for 2 hrs and monday, April 14th, it will be his first full day! It will probably be much harder on me then on him. But, I am hoping to be very busy at work. After being gone for 7 months, I will have plenty of catching up to do.
Here are some pics
1) Still using the silly hat
2) Vinny and Kaio watching mommy cook
3) I love to talk while eating
4) Kaio in the big bath
5) Kaio with mommy

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


This past week/end we went to Belgium. Kaio behaved really well in the Eurostar, he slept, ate, smilled at everyone and loved the changing facilities. Oma was waiting in Brussels for us. When we arrived at Aunt Karolien's house Lucas and Ana Julia were eagerly waiting for 'baby Kaio'. Lucas is 4 and is a sweet boy, Ana Julia is 2 and knows what she wants but was also very sweet with 'pipi Kaio'. The both loved playing with him, holding him, seeing him eat and they also took a bath together (when I was bathing Kaio, Ana Julie saw it and started taking of her cloths, when Lucas saw Ana Julia in bath with Kaio he did the same - it was ADORABLE!. Kaio also adored Nonkel Peter (Karolien's husband), he loves children and even took care of Kaio while we went shopping (this is when Ana Julia got really jealous and started screaming, which then scared Kaio whom started crying and it ended up in us rushing home to find Kaio sound asleep and Ana Julia happy to have her daddy all to herself again). Jason played with both toddlers and had a lot of fun (eventhough they don't speak the same language, they got along really well) he can't wait for Kaio to grow older and also play with paper airplanes, make paintings, talk, etc.
We also saw Omi, Nonkel Richard, Jan, Fanny and Moeke. Moeke kept saying what a beautiful and well behaved baby Kaio was. She had a hard time understanding that Kaio was my baby (she remembers me as a teenager and found it hard to understand I had a baby!)
Everyone admires how well behaved and easy going our little one was and also how smiley, social and beautiful he is! (I have to agree with everyone on this one!)
On saturday Oma took care of Kaio and Jason and I went out with some friends, it was very nice. On sunday we had lunch at Lesley and Toon's house. Their daughter, Noor, loved Kaio and was also very sweet to him - she took care of him while he slept, made him a painting, hugged him, took him on her lap and 'played' with him.
It was a fun weekend and hope to go back this summer.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I went to weigh Kaio again. Three weeks ago he had dropped from being in the 50th percentile to being a bit below the 25th percentile. He weighed in at 7.25kgs (=16lbs) which is still a bit below the 25th percentile. I am a bit concerned since he started so well and now seems to be putting on less weight. However the health advisor and the Dr. said not to worry. He is adjusting to his solids, he is a happy and smiley boy (and he does smile a lot every time we get him naked to weigh in front of the health advisor) so there is nothing to worry about and just see how he progresses with time. He seems less interested in the bottle and very interested in solids so they have advised to mix a bit of the milk with his food. I have started giving him some vitamins to make sure he gets all the necessary 'stuff' he needs to thrive!
Kaio is such a happy baby! He smiles and giggles to everyone and seems to be mostly in a great mood. His teeth (no, no appearance yet) have been bugging him (= lot's of drool, restless sleep, painful and sudden cries, etc), but, luckily it is not the entire time and it seems to bug him more during the afternoon and at night!
Tomorrow, Wednesday, we are going to Belgium. Kaio and I are taking the Eurostar and Jason will be coming on Saturday. Oma has been in Belgium for the past 2 weeks. My grandma was briefly hospitalized and Oma is taking care of her. We are also going because it is my aunt Marieke's 60th birthday on Friday. it will be nice for him to meet my family and friends in Belgium.