Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy and friendly

The kids have been in such a fun mood. We are getting into a nice work/school routine during the week and on the weekend (stay home days as Josefine calls then) we always plan fun stuff. In the morning, during the week, we wake the kids up at around 6:15. Both kids get ready by themselves, brush teeth and are ready to go in 30mins! The first weeks in the new house we had some less cooperative kids but, as usual, the adapted quickly. I drop then off and school and go to work. In the afternoon I pick them up around 4pm and we have several hours to go to the library, cook dinner together, go to the store or mall, play outside, meet up with friends for dinner or simply play at home. Jason comes home around 5:30 and also has time to hang out and help with the evening routine. We read 2 books before bed and they are ready for bed at 8! During the weekend we are still very busy with the house but always plan a trip to the museum, a hike or explore the area, a nice meal at a restaurant with friends or happy hour. We are all so happy to be settling in and making Colorado our home!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

New house

3 weeks ago we moved into our new Home! We are absolutly loving it. We did some extensive remodeling for the last 2 months and we have been all eager to move. The kids asked several time when we would move but we made it a fun process and went every weekend to paint walls and get ready. 
Kids are loving the big size if the house and several options to play.. They have each a big room, we have a play room in the basement a big living room and a nice size yard for them to run, play and have fun!
Josefine's room has a bright pink wall with 3D butterflies. Kaio's room is painted with a nice yellow and turquoise. I am planning to paint space ships and planets in the wall. Kaio also found a perfect spot for Mr. T.
The neighborhood is great and out neighbors are so friendly... Kaio and Josefine play often with our next door neighbors kids.
We've also had our first dinner party!!! We were so excited to host a nice meal with pepe and have 4 generations sharing the same roof for a day and night!!!!
Vinny has also been a frequent visitor and the kids just LOVE having him around.

Friday, November 01, 2013

First Halloween in the US

OHow much fun!!!
In the morning Kaio had a parade at his school, which Josefine and I attend. It was cute to see all kids in such a creative costumes. After I dropped Josefine at school I went back to Kaio's classroom to help with the Halloween party. He was so sweet and thankful I was in his room and kept telling his friends - this is my mommy!!!!
In the afternoon we went to Jason's office for some pumpkin carving and finished the day trick or treating in our neighborhood. It was windy and cold but the kids went to a dozen houses and loved it. They also enjoyed being at home afterwards to open the door and give treats to the other trick or treaters that came by.
A funny story: when we were leaving josefine's school, several people said to have fun trick or treating and Josefine smiled and kept saying - I will! When we got to tha car she asked - what is trick or treating!!!
Kaio was ninja turtle and Josefine sleeping beauty!