Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We have been busy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"É MEU!"

This week, Kaio was playing with a toy and Josefine went over and grabbed it from his hands to which he said - "É MEU!" (it´s mine!) To which, she said "É MEU" back and not letting go of the toy! Which seems pure imitation but we laughed a lot since she said "é meu" it perfectly. And yesterday when we were in the store, she was holding on to the receipt, when I grabbed it from her she looked at me and said - "É MEU!!" showing she clearly understands the meaning.
Kaio has English classes at school and it is adorable how he comes home saying - "flor é flower" "sim é yes" "carro é car", etc and he repeats it several times, which is probably what they do at school. So he comes home and says:
flor é flower flor é flower flor é flower flor é flower flor é flower flor é flower flor é flower...
Josefine has been trying to feed herself and she has been very succesful at it.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Love love love

It always brings so much joy to my heart, body and life when I see how spontaneously Kaio wants to hug and kiss his sister and then, out of nowhere, she just walks up to him and hugs him. Just at random times of the day! Of course, there are moments that both of them want to play with the same toy or want to sit on my lap (without the other one also being there, although my lap has space for both) but overall they are just so adorable with each other.
Josefine is overall very independent and has a strong will, however she also loves to imitate Kaio. He sometimes does not understand why (he is, still, constantly saying "por que" this or that) Josefine wants to do the things he does. But he continues taking on the role of big brother very well and helps Josefine, shows her how to do things, corrects when she says something wrong.
Now that we live a bit further away, I spend more time with them in the car. Somedays they are not in the best mood and it becomes a LONG drive, but most of the time we sing, laugh and have fun!
Josefine is talking a lot in both English and Portuguese. She really pays attention on the words we say and tries to repeat them. It is adorable and we laugh a lot, specially Kaio, who thinks it is very funny the way she says things wrong - but she doesn´t mind and laughs with us!
Kaio continues being a sweet boy and now he has the habit of very fast, after a misunderstanding, ask forgeviness! (to me, daddy or Josefine). He has english class at school and is really getting that there are 2 languages he understands and when we listen to music he knows when the songs are english or in portuguese (and then he starts questioning what they are singing about....).
We continue living at Oma and Opa´s house, but we are getting VERY excited to move into our new home! Today when we went to look at the instalment of the curtains (Kaio is getting the Grêmio blue curtains) he asked - "Quando nos vamos dormir na casa nova?" (when are we going to live in our new home?) and I said that it would be very soon, he replied - "eu quero agora" (I want it now). Josefine, every time we go to the house, loves the stairs (we have not installed the gates yet) and loves to walk around. We will probably move in a couple of weeks and it will be AWESOME!
On another note - Josefine has had an alergy we have been able to control a bit latetly. She has had it for 2 months and we have tried several medicines. The dermatologist has not been able to identify what is causing the reactions (she has red blots on her face, scalp and hands which itch and just look aweful) but she is much better and we hope she will "grow out of it".
Some older pics (I just "found" on my camera):