Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Night events.....

For a couple of weeks Kaio has had the same nightmare. He is very frightened when he comes and looks for comfort. He dreams about a zoo, in the distance... And it all sounds and feels scary, he even says that he is not in the dream. I had nightmares when little and remember how scary they were. So when Kaio came out, several times we just calmed him down and talked about it the next day, we also turned on his bathroom light and left his door open. Josefine did not comprehend why a zoo was scary and Kaio had a hard time explaining it. After several weeks of alternate days of nightmares he just stopped having them one day! Josefine, cheeky monk, would come out of her room, 2 mins after we put her to bed, saying she had a nightmare...
Kaio also sometimes sleepwalks, but it's always the same happening. He comes down around 2 hrs after going to bed, disoriented, gives us a hug and then goes back to bed. We have tried to talk to him but he simply stares and does not responds. The next day he does not remember these nightly visits!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

When I am an adult

The other day, early in the morning, on our drive to school, Josefine, out of nowhere, said: I can't wait to be an adult and take the babies out of my tummy! I told her that there aren't any babies in her belly now... That of course prompted the question "how do the babies get into the belly"(!!!!) I thought for a moment and said: first you will have a to find a special person, just like I found daddy! That made her think for a while (at this point I was a bit worried what her next question would be and how I should answer, after all, she is only 4 and a bit young for the bee talk) and she finally said: I will find a prince! And, luckily, that was that!