Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Kid´s pearls...

Sometimes the kids drop some real pearls and I wish I could memorize all of them. But here are a couple:
  • Kaio started "computer class", where they play on games and learn how to use the mouse, etc. He came home and said - "eu tenho que 'clickcLar' nas letras e números" (it should be clickar, but he puts and extra L and it is absolutely adorable the way he says it) I have asked him several times what I am doing while I am clicking on something just so he repeats the word.
  • Josefine is doing really well with the toilet, however sometimes we leave her for a couple of minutes (for nbr2) and before we know it she comes to us, with her pants on the floor. I tell her we need to clean her and she says "eu já limpei" (I´ve already cleaned), just to then see that she has put half a toilet paper role in the toilet! She even has started trying to clean Kaio after he goes to the toilet ;-) 
  • In a couple of weeks we will be going to DisneyWorld and the kids have been very excited. The other day, they were on our bed playing "going to Disney". Kaio was combing Josefine´s hair to make her pretty, he had grabbed his donkey and they were very happy on the plane towards Disney. 
  • Josefine sleeps in her own bed now, she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and sleeps wherever she likes. We have found her by the stares (on the floor), in our bedroom (on the floor), in her own room (on the floor), in the play room (on the floor). Just like a doggy. When I told her the other day that she needs to sleep in her bed and not on the floor, she said "é verdade, eu não sou cachorro" (you are right, I am not a doggy!) 
  • Kaio and Josefine were playing; Josefine did not want to give one of her cars to Kaio. So Kaio said “Josefine, tu é muito linda e maravilhosa, mas se tu não der o carrinho tu não vai mais ser linda e maravilhosa!” (Josefine, you are beautiful and marvelous, however, if you don´t give that car, you will not be beautiful and marvelous anymore” Josefine, of course, did not care about that and continued playing with the car. 
  • We are getting a tablet for the kids to play on, Jason was explaining that now we have a DVD and a tablet we will have the share (they tend to always want to play with the same toy at the same time…) So Jason said he did not want to see and fights about the new tablet. Josefine then said – “novo tablet, briga briga briga briga” (new tablet, fight fight fight) 
  • It´s mother´s day in a couple of weeks and Josefine has been learning about "pregnancy" (being in mommy´s belly) at school. When we got home I got some pics and showed how I had a big belly and explained she was in there. Kaio was with us… she looked puzzled and then said – “Josefine estava no belly da mamãe e o Kaio estava no belly do papai!!!” (Josefine was in mommy´s belly and Kaion was in daddy´s belly). It was very funny. Kaio almost instantly replied “Eu estava na belly da mamãe primeiro!!” (I was in mommy´s belly first” 
  • Kaio is a very sensitive and very concerned about other people´s feelings. At night the kids get to watch 30 mins of  TV, they get to choose which program. They have been watching DuckTales (also Jason´s favourite!) however recently they started watching Diego. Kaio went to Josefine and said “agora, vamos escolher Diego todos os dias, tá bom?” (Let´s Always watch Diego now, okay?) Josefine generally doesn´t really care about TV, however Kaio makes sure she is okay with the decision! Cute to see!