Monday, August 20, 2012

A tad jealous...

Normally the older kid is jealous with the arrival of a new baby. We have been very lucky that Kaio has never had that jealousy towards Josefine. When I was pregnant I think we handled it very well with getting him involved and explaining the new dynamics of the family. When Josefine was a baby we taught him how to love and cherish that little girl and he has been an AWESOME big brother from the get go!
However we have noticed more often that Josefine gets jealous of Kaio. When we grab him for a cuddle, she will be right there to try and sneak in the middle. When we give him a compliment, she is the first to say:  "e eu?" (and me?) Also expecting praise for the same thing. The other day I was telling Jason how great Kaio was in his tennis class and she instantly said "e eu tambem" (and me too) although she does not even do tennis class!
On friday Kaio had an ear infection and was not feeling well, I explained to Josefine we had to be extra loving and caring with Kaio because he was sick. Within a second she said: "eu tenho um dodoi no meu pé! E doi muito" (i have an injury on my foot and it hurts a lot). Then she also came up with "injuries" on her cheek, finger, etc which were really nothing!
On sunday, when I took Kaio to the emergency to get antibiotics, she was upset and wanted to go too because her injuries were also painful!
She was very loving with him and hugged and kissed him extra. Saying "I LOVE you Kaio" over and over again, however she was jealous with the extra attention we were giving him!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fun personalities...

It might be the age, but both kids are developing such a fun personality and we constantly laugh out loud together!

Yesterday Josefine got a cup of water to drink and, accidently,  spilled it all over the carpet. 
- Me: "Josefine, who made the is the carpet all wet?"
- Josefine: "a água!" (the water)
- Me: "and who spilled the water?" 
- Josefine: "o copo!" (the cup)
- Me: " and who spilled the cup?" (both already giggling by now)
- Josefine looks around and says: "alguem!" (somebody)
- Me: "who is this somebody?"
- Josefine: "alguem com o nome de Josefine" (someone named Josefine) <laughs out loud>

>> and this is how most conversations go in our house: us speaking in english and getting português answers!
Kaio also is starting to tell “real” jokes, although he tries to recount jokes he heard and does not really understand them or recounts them wrongly. It is cute to see his attempts! And, of course, we play along.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Upstairs we have a playroom for the kids, which we recently organized (puzzles sorted, a box with cars, another one with Lego, etc) and they have been really good in keeping it organized: when they are done playing with something, they put it away before starting with something else!
This morning I overheard them playing as they usually play very well together and by themselves. At one point Kaio helped Josefine and he said "Tem que dizer: Obrigada mano mais velho" (you have to say: thank you older brother). And she replied "Obrigada Velho" (Thank you, oldie) It was cute to hear. I have been pushing them to say their nice words (thank you, you are welcome, excuse me, etc) and it seems to be paying off!
One of Josefine´s favourite toys are the pots, pans, cups and plates. She loves to mix and pretend she is making soup, chocolate or pasta and then serve them to us. We also have a toy birthday cake and she loves to sing happy birthday.
Kaio is really into his legos and he is very good in putting them together (unfortunately it is also one of Josefine´s favourite activities to destroy what Kaio builds... )

Thursday, August 02, 2012

July 2012!

For days Josefine had been asking about her sunglasses and we could not find them. During our ride home on monday, Josefine finally found it underneath some toys in the car. It was already dark outside but she put them on. Kaio imediately said there was no sun, so no need for them... she looked outside (glasses on) and said "ali to vendo um monte de luzinhas que nem o sol, precisa SIM!" (I am seeing lots of little light that are just like the sun, so I need them) The little lights were the other cars lights, street lights, etc 
Kaio has been growing a lot lately. I can notice it by him outgrowing his cloths but yesterday we confirmed it with the scale. Our local grocery store has a scale close to checkout, the kids are already 'trained' to weigh themselves when we checkout. A couple of months ago there was only a 2 kg difference between the kids, since then we treated Kaio for Giardia and he also has been eating a lot! So, yesterday, there was a difference of 4 kg between them. Kaio weighed in at 18,3kg and Josefine at 14,3kgs!
Josefine is in a phase that she wants to do everything herself. She also sees her brother do lots of things and she wants to do them too! She insists in climbing up to her car seat every time we head out. It is an SUV, so a higher car. The other day she was climbing up to her seat and fell. She clearly hurt herself and I held her tight to comfort her. When she was done crying I started putting her into her seat and she said "Não, eu sozinha!!" (no, by myself) and sure enough, she climbed nicely into her chair without falling!! She is very persistent!
Kaio started golf classes last week. He now has tennis and golf at our condominium. He is very enthusiastic about the class! He wants to play with his cousin Lucas when he comes with Christmas and with his Oma and Opa. He also really enjoys tennis and has gotten really good with the tennis racket. A couple of weeks ago we also started with "computer" class at home and Jason and Kaio spend at least 1 hr per weekend together in front of the computer. There are several games and activities for him to get familiar with the computer, practice his number and letters and spend some quality time with daddy! They both love it!
Josefine has been waking up early. Between 6 - 6:30. However she then goes, quietly, play in the playroom without bothering anyone. However with the moving around of toys, she often wakes us up. We then get her in bed with us and cuddle. She is very loving and sweet giving hugs and kisses, smiling saying how great and marvelous we are. I don´t mind waking up early to such a great morning routine!