Friday, August 10, 2012


Upstairs we have a playroom for the kids, which we recently organized (puzzles sorted, a box with cars, another one with Lego, etc) and they have been really good in keeping it organized: when they are done playing with something, they put it away before starting with something else!
This morning I overheard them playing as they usually play very well together and by themselves. At one point Kaio helped Josefine and he said "Tem que dizer: Obrigada mano mais velho" (you have to say: thank you older brother). And she replied "Obrigada Velho" (Thank you, oldie) It was cute to hear. I have been pushing them to say their nice words (thank you, you are welcome, excuse me, etc) and it seems to be paying off!
One of Josefine´s favourite toys are the pots, pans, cups and plates. She loves to mix and pretend she is making soup, chocolate or pasta and then serve them to us. We also have a toy birthday cake and she loves to sing happy birthday.
Kaio is really into his legos and he is very good in putting them together (unfortunately it is also one of Josefine´s favourite activities to destroy what Kaio builds... )

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