Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And it is March and we are in the US!

The last couple of months have been very hectic! January and february were aimed at planning and arranging our move to the US. We had to sell cars and furniture and arrange to donate several toys and items to institutions. Initially we thought the kids would be a bit reluctant in giving away their toys (they had accumulated quiet a bit over the 3 years we lived in Brazil). But they were very good with this and happy to donate their toys to kids in need or friends. Of course, their favourite toys we moved with us. We were also very busy seeing our friends and saying goodbye. It was very sad to say farewell to so many dear friends and family.
We left Brazil on the 25th of february and had an amazing trip. We had 3 flights and a total of 24hrs of traveling. The kids were very well prepared and were champs during the whole trip! (Kaio was of great help to lug around the 10 pieces of luggage) Luckily everything went very smooth. We arrived during a snow storm and everything was white and beautiful.
The first week was very busy. We had to buy a car, adjust to jet lag, move into our new apartment, unpack luggage and boxes... the first week was so busy, it just flew by.
We stayed 4 nights at Anita and Steve's and it was perfect to help us. The kids were very content in staying with them while we ran our numerous errands. They enjoyed the attention and being spoiled by the grandparents they saw weekly on skype. They also had a lot of fun with Vinny! I can say that after 5 days, both Vinny and grandparents were exhausted!
Kaio started kindergarten at the local school (Emerald Elementary) and has been really enjoying it. They are long days (from 7:50 until 2:30) and it seems to be very demanding with lots of homework: writing full sentences (he was barely recognizing all capital letters), math (he needs to know all equations until 20 and be able to count until 200), reading (he actually gets books to read) and drawing. But he loves challenges and learning, so it has been great so far. The kids of his classroom have welcomed him very well and he is making new friends!
We have looked at a couple of daycare's for Josefine and which would also offer after-school for Kaio. Since we are not working yet, we are in no rush to enroll her. We find Josefine much easier when Kaio is in school. I guess she loves the attention.
We have had a couple of snowy days and a lot of fun! It was a temperature shock going from 35C to 0C, but we have gotten some warm boots, mittens and scarves and just enjoying the weather and the beautiful new city we have moved to!
After only 2 weeks, we already feel at home!