Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back into our normal 'routine'

This past week I had to go to Scotland for a 4 day meeting. It was really hard for me, specially after being on holiday and spending 3 weeks with Kaio and Jason.
Kaio and Jason had a great time and did not even feel my absence (which on one side was great for them to bond even more....) Kaio had a bit of separation anxiety when Jason droped him of at daycare, although he was very happy to see his carers and the other babies. Besides that it was a great week to get Kaio back into his/our routine. On Thursday evening I arrived just in time to play, give him a bath and put him to bed. He was so happy to see me (as I was to see him!) I feel like all I did this past week was tell everyone how great, how smart, how cute and adorable my little guy is! This weekend was great! Kaio is so sweet, funny and adorable. He is really developing a great personality. He is strong willed but obedient at the same time. He likes to try/explore different things and imitate us when we work, speak or do anything he finds interesting. We gave him his Xmas gift (a little bike that we push around now and later he can ride around in), when we were putting it together he also wanted a screw driver to 'help' us. He loved the finished bike. On Sunday we went to the park and he loved riding on it. On saturday we opened Grandma's and Grandpa's Xmas gift. A play tunnel!!! With all kinds of animals and toys. Kaio is loving going in it and playing with us in it! (he jumps on us from the outside!) He also loves to look at the animals and imitate the noises!!!
At daycare, everyone is very impressed in how proficient Kaio is in the sign language and they are now motivated to teach him more and are 'using' him to show the other children. They also have been bragging to other parents who all want to see Kaio do the signing language... he is a mini celebrity!!!!
Some more pics from Brazil:
1) Kaio 'all done' after stuffing his mouth full of watermelon
2) Eating his first (of several) chicken heart
3) With Opa on the bike....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to (brrrrrrrrr) cold London

We arrived back to London on Friday - after 50hrs of traveling (!) Normally it would've taken us 19hrs. It was a LONG trip and very tiring for everyone. We had to overnight in Sao Paulo since the plane had technical difficulties and we were unable to take off. And unfortunately, the hotel we stayed did not have a crib; since Kaio is not used to sleeping in the same bed with us, he just wanted to play! (at 1am in the morning). Then, his pram was also not available in Paris, so we had to carry him around in our arms for 6 hrs - when he was not running around the airport - resulting in painful arms and shoulders!
A piece of travel advice for everyone: Under no circumstances, DO NOT EVER TRAVEL WITH AIR FRANCE!!!!!!! Throughout this nightmare of a journey, they were entirely rude to us, completely unaccommodating, and delivered many false promises for which they did not carry out. Considering that Air France is from the "developed world", their handling of our situation was just about the worst display of customer service that we can imagine. On the other hand, Tam Airlines (a Brasilian carrier, which is supposed to be from the "developing world") ran a first class operation. They were kind, accommodating, and even offered us to use a baby stroller while we were stuck in one of our long delays in the airport.
Anyhow, Kaio did very well and coped with the lack of sleep as well as he/we could.
Back home we were a bit afraid of how he would sleep. Luckily he slept 14hrs straight the last two days! (plus 3hrs of naps during the day!) These holidays and trips are so exhausting for a baby! (and the parents ;)
We had such a great time in Brasil and we miss the family already. When I say Oma, Kaio looks around searching for her! He loved playing with titio (uncle Ward) and loved all the delicious meals Oma and Opa prepared for him as well as all the hugs, kisses, birds, gifts, attention, swimming pool, jeep rides, waffletjes and playing golf!!!!
Oh, and he loved the warm weather too - it was between 25-35C in Brasil; and we arrived back to London during a glacier front at around -4C. He keeps wanting to run around outside, but it's just too cold!
Soon we'll download all of our pictures and post the best ones. A happy New Year to everyone!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


We are having a GREAT time in Brazil. Kaio is absolutely loving every second of it!!
On our way to Brazil (more specifically - Paris airport at 9pm!) Kaio started walking like a little "mad man". Our flight to Rio was cancelled and we had to stay the night in Paris. While waiting for the new flight information and hotel details, Kaio just walked ALL over the airport - really enjoying the fact that he was so mobile and able to "run" around. Although it was way past his sleeping time, he was very energized.
Once in Brazil, Kaio was initially a bit shy with everyone from the family, but after a couple of days he totally warmed up to everyone. He adores Oma (Sometimes he even prefers to go to her arms then mommy´s!) and just loves the attention he gets from everyone. He loves the space, being able to walk around naked, all the different 'toys', plants, birds, etc and specially the swimming pool (sometimes he is ready to go in the pool as early as 8am!)
Everyone is very impressed with the sign language. He is now able to sign:
- Food
- Water
- Milk
- More
- All done
- Help
- Baby
- Phone (this one he made up, but it is very obvious - he puts his fist to his ear every time he sees a phone or hears one)
- Airplane
He loves animals and loves the birds my parents have at their house (it's with them that Oma totally won him over, by singing and looking at the birds!)
Kaio has been very vocal. He experiments with his voice, shouts, babbles, imitates our sounds and is clearly saying some words (like Bi - bird, do - dog, bo - ball, etc) . He also knows:
- how does the tiger go? - rrrrrrrrh
- how does the cow go? - mmmmmm
Jason and I went to the mountain region for 3 days and 2 nights. Kaio stayed with Oma and Opa and behaved very well. Everyone is impressed in how happy and easy going he is.
He has been enjoying the local food and even ate (and asked for more) some of my preferred foods - chicken heart, watermelon, corn, black beans, etc he also loves Opa's churrasco meat!
It has been so great to spend so much time with him. It is amazing to see his personality develop and flourish. He is funny, happy, sweet but also very stubborn!
Some pictures:
1) Being funny in Oma's car (he also loves Opa's Harley Davidson and Jeep)
2) When we say - "Quem é o campião?" (who is the champion?) he lifts his arms in the air... it is ADORABLE!
3) Having fun in the pool!
4) Christmas with Oma and Opa
5) MELÂNCIA!!!! (watermelon)