Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to (brrrrrrrrr) cold London

We arrived back to London on Friday - after 50hrs of traveling (!) Normally it would've taken us 19hrs. It was a LONG trip and very tiring for everyone. We had to overnight in Sao Paulo since the plane had technical difficulties and we were unable to take off. And unfortunately, the hotel we stayed did not have a crib; since Kaio is not used to sleeping in the same bed with us, he just wanted to play! (at 1am in the morning). Then, his pram was also not available in Paris, so we had to carry him around in our arms for 6 hrs - when he was not running around the airport - resulting in painful arms and shoulders!
A piece of travel advice for everyone: Under no circumstances, DO NOT EVER TRAVEL WITH AIR FRANCE!!!!!!! Throughout this nightmare of a journey, they were entirely rude to us, completely unaccommodating, and delivered many false promises for which they did not carry out. Considering that Air France is from the "developed world", their handling of our situation was just about the worst display of customer service that we can imagine. On the other hand, Tam Airlines (a Brasilian carrier, which is supposed to be from the "developing world") ran a first class operation. They were kind, accommodating, and even offered us to use a baby stroller while we were stuck in one of our long delays in the airport.
Anyhow, Kaio did very well and coped with the lack of sleep as well as he/we could.
Back home we were a bit afraid of how he would sleep. Luckily he slept 14hrs straight the last two days! (plus 3hrs of naps during the day!) These holidays and trips are so exhausting for a baby! (and the parents ;)
We had such a great time in Brasil and we miss the family already. When I say Oma, Kaio looks around searching for her! He loved playing with titio (uncle Ward) and loved all the delicious meals Oma and Opa prepared for him as well as all the hugs, kisses, birds, gifts, attention, swimming pool, jeep rides, waffletjes and playing golf!!!!
Oh, and he loved the warm weather too - it was between 25-35C in Brasil; and we arrived back to London during a glacier front at around -4C. He keeps wanting to run around outside, but it's just too cold!
Soon we'll download all of our pictures and post the best ones. A happy New Year to everyone!!!

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