Monday, December 28, 2009

funny stories

A couple of funny stories and 'kidisms' from the last couple of weeks:
- When Josie needs to be comforted, we rock her and 'shush' her. Her big brother is very observant and now, every time she start crying, he starts bouncing (himself), where ever he is (he might be in the other room) and says 'shhhhhhs' (he doesn't quite get that we have to 'bounce' and rock her to have any effect)
- Josie does not cry much, but when she does, she has this loud 'squeak' and get's anyone's attention - hence we call her our little 'eagle'.
- Kaio is picking up everything we say and do. This morning he dropped a piece of his cookie on the floor and he looked at me and said - "wait mommy, Kaio will clean in 2 minutes!". I also ask him to 'wait' and mommy will help him/ be with him/play with him, etc "in 2 minutes"
- We were having a drink in a pub the other day and there was a couple sitting on the table next to us. Kaio was looking around and at one point he noticed that the man of the table was no longer there. He turned to us and said - "man gone poopies!". Also the other day we were at Starbucks with oma and a 'heavier' man came and sat on the table next to us and Kaio said (really loud!) - "Huuuuge man" and also turned to another table and said - "tiny (aka. normal) man"
- Kaio has always been fascinated by music and instruments. He associates us typing on a keyboard with playing piano. So he now says - 'mommy piano' (which is my laptop) and when he wants to 'play' with the computer he says - 'Kaio play piano'
- When I was pregnant with Josie I used the notice she had hiccups almost daily and sometimes several times a day. I even got a bit worried and asked the midwifes if this was normal. (which they said it was!) Now that Josie is 'outside' she continues to have many episodes of hiccups throughout the days! Which, luckily, does not seem to bother her that much.
- We had a really special moment with Josie on new years day. We were out shopping with her (Kaio was at nursery): she wanted to come out of her buggy, so Jason was holding her as we walked around. She was staring at Jason (as she loves to do), so he kept talking/coo-ing to her. Then I also started talking to her with my face next to Jason's - Josefine gave us a HUGE smile. She kept doing this for several minutes as we continues talking and smiling at her. it lasted so long that we don't think it was gas ;-)

We have been taking several pictures of Josie and Kaio but we are changing computers and I am unable to post them...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

First cold!


Josie had her first cold. She was only 10 days when we noticed she had a stuffy nose! Kaio had come home for nursery with a stuffy nose and filled her with kisses.... It's a bit frightening seeing them ill so young. Kaio had his first cold when he was 4 months! However she is handling it well and continues being a sweet and easy going baby.
Josefine already has her brazilian passport and we have requested the American one as well. She will soon be as international as her brother!
We had Josie's 2 week check up and she is gaining weight nicely. She was born with 3.29kg (25%) and is now up to 3.625kg (almost 50%). Which shows she is eating well! She continues to sleep well and is generally in a great mood and only 'complains' when there is something wrong.
Kaio continues to speak very well, he makes full sentences and says things like - "the book is up there", "Baby Josie is in there!", etc. It's just amazing and great that he can communicate so well, specially now that we are so busy with Josie. Sometimes we need to remind Kaio to "use his words" as he can get frustrated about certain things. He usually stops whining and tells us what he wants.
Today was my first day alone with both of the children They are doing great! I was able to feed them at the same time (it's all about multi tasking!) and put them down for a nap. They have been sleeping soundly for 1 1/2hrs!
Today is Christmas Eve and we are going to take it easy the next couple of days. We are planning to make some nice meals, have some friends over and, most importantly, enjoy our little ones!
1) Oma on her last day here
2) Happy family!
3) Josie, mommy and daddy
4) Smiley baby

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family of 4!

Josefine is almost 10 days old! She is a very sweet and easy going baby (knock on wood!).
Josie is a tranquil baby and seems to only cry when something bothers her (i.e. gas - on both sides - or when hungry). She feeds well, is sleeping well (she tends to eat every 2 hrs during the days and at night she goes to 3 - 4 hrs gaps between feeds, which is allowing me to get some decent sleep!), is very 'patient' with all the big hugs and kisses from Kaio and is a content baby overall!
Kaio is doing great with the new family 'layout', he wants to participate and help me with Josie - the other day he wanted to help me with changing Josefine's nappy so I told him to put some cream on Josie's 'behind'. When he went to put it on her buttocks she started 'piing' and it went all over his hands (it was very funny!). He also goes over to her when she is crying and asks - 'what's wrong Josie?' and when she stops he says 'all better now'.
We have received so many flowers, gifts, cards and messages from friends and family! It's so great to see how Josie is being welcomed in this world! Thank you!
My mom's help has been phenomenal and allowed me time to give attention to Kaio, post pics, answer emails, update the blog, etc. Once she is gone it will be another reality... luckily we will be heading to Brazil at the end of January!
1) Kaio and Josie! He is just fascinated by her! (just like we are with both of them)
2) Kaio and Oma (the day before Josie was born, Kaio and Oma were playing and he hit his head against her eye and Oma had to go to the emergency room and get 4 stitches - she has a beautiful blue/black/yellow/purple eye as a consequence!)
3) Baby Josefine!
4) Josie and mommy
5) Kaio showing the toys to Josie
6) Josie and daddy at Starbucks
7) Oma (and her black/yellow eye) at Starbucks

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Josefine Maia

Our precious little girl was born on wednesday, December 9th at 4:17pm. She weighed in at 3.290kg and 54cms. She is absolutely beautiful and we are all adjusting well!
Birth story: I started having contractions at 4:30am on Wednesday (which is around the same time my water broke when I was pregnant with Kaio). We still went to Starbucks for a coffee and I took a nice long bath waiting for the contractions to become more regular and stronger before going to the hospital. Oma stayed home with Kaio as Jason and I went to the hospital by 2:45pm. She was born 1 1/2hrs later. I had asked for an epidural, but by the time they had me hooked up my contractions were pretty constant and the epidural did not have any effect. They rushed us to the operating theater because Josie's heartbeat dropped, but when we got there I was ready to push and she came out pretty immediately (just like with Kaio, it only took a couple of pushes to get her out!). Although painful, it was great to have a 'natural' birth. They announced we had a daughter and we were overjoyed and had a name ready - Josefine Maia. She is named after my grandmother, who recently turned 90 years.
Kaio (and Oma) came a couple of hours after she was born and his reaction to her was perfect: He filled her with kisses and hugs and kept saying - 'Kaio big brother'.
We spend 24 hrs in the hospital and were able to go home on Thursday afternoon.We have been home for 2 nights and Josie is very peaceful, eats and sleeps well and we are all loving this family time together!
Just like when Kaio was born, Oma has been very helpful: making nice meals, helping with Josie and Kaio and just being there for us. She also gave the first pink outfit for our little girl!
1) Just a couple of minutes old
2) Kaio and Josie!
3) Josie and mommy
4) Josie and daddy
5) First family picture
6) Kaio so happy in being a big brother
7) Less then 24hrs after birth

Monday, December 07, 2009

Oma and Opa in town

Oma and Opa came to visit! We had prepared Kaio a couple of days before hand and he was very excited. In the past, he would be a little bit shy the first couple of hours after they arrived (always very cautious) however, this time he was very happy to see them and went straight to their arms and eager for his 'presentes' (gifts). He was very polite and said 'thank you Oma', 'thank you Opa' every time he received one.
He has been enjoying all the extra attention and has been in a fantastic mood!
Kaio has been saying full sentence, such as - "This is not a cat, daddy" or "The hat is in the bag", etc. Which I find very impressive and amazing for him to be using all these pronouns and putting them in the right order. It seems he is now more proficient in English, however he will hopefully catch up on his Portuguese once we move their in a couple of months.
He is even correcting us now! This weekend, Oma was taking some pictures of Kaio, Jason and I and Jason said - "Look at grandma" (he was distracted and looking to the other side) Kaio then said - "that is not grandma, that is Oma!" Clever little boy!
1) Kaio, mommy and Opa (and baby 2 in the belly) - this was on my 'official' due date
2) Kaio and Oma
3) Kaio, mommy and daddy walking in London (I am 2 days over due!)
4) Kaio concentrating very hard on the Christmas tree decorating
5) Kaio and Oma at the Christmas fair