Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family of 4!

Josefine is almost 10 days old! She is a very sweet and easy going baby (knock on wood!).
Josie is a tranquil baby and seems to only cry when something bothers her (i.e. gas - on both sides - or when hungry). She feeds well, is sleeping well (she tends to eat every 2 hrs during the days and at night she goes to 3 - 4 hrs gaps between feeds, which is allowing me to get some decent sleep!), is very 'patient' with all the big hugs and kisses from Kaio and is a content baby overall!
Kaio is doing great with the new family 'layout', he wants to participate and help me with Josie - the other day he wanted to help me with changing Josefine's nappy so I told him to put some cream on Josie's 'behind'. When he went to put it on her buttocks she started 'piing' and it went all over his hands (it was very funny!). He also goes over to her when she is crying and asks - 'what's wrong Josie?' and when she stops he says 'all better now'.
We have received so many flowers, gifts, cards and messages from friends and family! It's so great to see how Josie is being welcomed in this world! Thank you!
My mom's help has been phenomenal and allowed me time to give attention to Kaio, post pics, answer emails, update the blog, etc. Once she is gone it will be another reality... luckily we will be heading to Brazil at the end of January!
1) Kaio and Josie! He is just fascinated by her! (just like we are with both of them)
2) Kaio and Oma (the day before Josie was born, Kaio and Oma were playing and he hit his head against her eye and Oma had to go to the emergency room and get 4 stitches - she has a beautiful blue/black/yellow/purple eye as a consequence!)
3) Baby Josefine!
4) Josie and mommy
5) Kaio showing the toys to Josie
6) Josie and daddy at Starbucks
7) Oma (and her black/yellow eye) at Starbucks


hilde said...

practige fotos, zo'n mooi kindje!
groetjes Hilde

Lies said...

Que bonitinha!!! :D E o kaio já tá tããão grande! Big brother!
Saudades de todos vocês! Não vejo a hora quando vierem!

Beijos e parabéns