Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Hair Cut

We finally got Kaio's hair cut (professionally). I have to confess I was a bit apprehensive about it since I think he has beautiful hair! However we went to a very nice hairdresser that only cuts children's hair and the whole experience was great! Specially because it looks GREAT!!!!!!!! (we kept the volume of hair but trimmed it significantly so he looks like a boy now - we were getting too many comments of what a beautiful girl we had!)
Afterward we went to for a nice pic-nic in the park. Kaio loved the freedom of running around, chasing pigeons and smelling the flowers!
1) Before
2) After
3) More after... he is just too gorgeous!
4) Lot's of flowers in the park
5) Anatomy of the flower
6) Very handsome daddy and son!
7) A pint for daddy and some water for Kaio
8) dito as number 3!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Already missing him!

Tomorrow I will be going on a business trip for 4 days, just the thought of being away from Kaio already hurts me!
Kaio is so much fun and every minute apart from him seems like eternity. And although I really enjoy my job it makes me think what my priorities should be. It is sometimes hard to know if I have the balance right! I do feel we spend great quality time together and the fact that I am working from home several days a week and the days I go to the office I leave home at 8 and leave the office at 4 makes me feel better. My doubts always arise when I have to travel for several days or when I talk to stay at home moms. I sometimes think I am less of a mom because I work full time! I know Kaio adores me and he is smart and daycare does him good, but... there is always that but....
Anyways, Kaio has been babbling so much. The latest cute one is 'ioio' (=yo-yo), 'ubbles' (=bubbles) and 'eeeze' (dependent of the situation it means cheese or keys)! He is also saying 'daddy' and 'mama' perfectly. Today we spend some times with some friends who have a 14 month old and it was adorable to see them play. They were running around chasing each other and giggling. So cute!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

A few pictures

Here are some new pictures of Kaio:
This is Kaio and Vinny hanging out together and having a good time:
Here we see our couch potato!! (sucking on his socks)
I think it's time to cut his hair since we can put it into a pony tail!
Here we can see Kaio's chicken pox. He's excited to show them off!Big hugs for mommyThis is Kaio at the children's playground; apparently it was a lot of fun to hide behind the train and watch the other children.
At the zoo - Kaio's face on a goat's body; now isn't that cuuuuute!
That is the coolest animal of the whole place! (it's a trash bin!)In the park with daddy and mommy:Helping mommy with the laundry (chicken pox around his mouth):Showing mommy how to turn on the washer:This is Kaio a couple of hours after he fell at the park (red cheeks, finger in the mouth and watching TV and his hair somewhat under control):

Monday, March 02, 2009

Chicken pox

Yes, after two previous false alarms, we finally have chicken pox!
Over the weekend Kaio had this blister on his upper lip which looked like it was filled with liquid, but since there was nothing else on his body, I blamed it on teething!
On Sunday evening, while bathing Kaio, we noticed some red spots on his chest and back. We counted them and put him to bed, already expecting it to be chicken pox.
After a good night of sleep our little guy woke up in a great mood, no fever, no itching, no lack of appetite but more spots over his body. I took him to the GP whom confirmed a mild presentation of chicken pox. Luckily both Jason and I have have a 'light' weeks at work with no traveling and we revise staying at home with him.
Kaio and I spend our first day confined in the house and it was great. I adore spending time with this little guy and he responds so well and is always game to do anything with us. He is also very capable of entertaining himself. (we already learned that if it goes to quiet when he is playhing by himself, he is probably doing something he is not supposed to - the other day he was very silent and when I went to look at him he unrolled an entire toilet paper roll all over the floor and was having a blast - all I could do was laugh and join him in throwing it up in the air!)
On Sunday I was doing some gardening in the back garden and Kaio helped me by putting leaves in the garbage bag, grabbing the broom to remove dirt, etc He has been enjoying our garden - he grabs his coat and stands by the door trying to say 'outside'.
I forgot to tell this adorable thing Kaio is doing: when he grabs a book or wants to watch tv, he comes and stands in front of us, turns his back to us and backs up until he can sit on our lap! Sometimes he miscalculates it and has to back up for several feet before reaching us!
He continues to 'speak' and imitate words. A very useful one is 'down' for when he is on a chair or being held.