Thursday, October 18, 2012

Early mornings...

We have always been very strict about respecting the kids sleep. We have made sure to always put them to bed early (8pm, without any problems as they are tired by the end of the day and fall asleep in minutes) so they can get a good night of sleep. Both kids dropped their afternoon nap after turning 2. Sometimes, Josefine still likes to take naps when going to school (after lunch) and it makes a huge difference in her mood!
The last couple of months Josefine has been the morning bird and wakes up around 6am. The kids’ rooms are upstairs and ours is downstairs and we have a gate on the stairs so she can´t just come down. So, Josefine often just starts playing in the playroom or sits by the gate calling us. When I get her from upstairs, she comes with us in bed and sometimes she falls back asleep, but mostly she just comes in bed with us and after some cuddles goes to play in the living room.
Kaio sleeps a little longer (until 7 - 7:30) and also likes to come in bed with us for some cuddles, hugs and kisses! They are very sweet!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Tu não me manda!

Josefine continues to be very bossy and repeats things I say for Kaio to do, like "tidy up", "put your shoes on", etc She imitates my tone of voice and gestures too! The funny thing it that most of the time, she has not done her part of cleaning or put on her shoes... One day Kaio said: "Tu não me manda" (you are not my boss or you don´t give me orders), which is clearly something he picked up at school. Surely, Josefine now uses that whenever Kaio says something to her. 
Kaio was playing nicely by himself today and she (as she does often) goes and starts bothering him (no, not playing along, really bothering him) and he asked for her to stop doing that. In one nanosecond she replies with a loud: "TU NÃO ME MANDA!!" Kaio and I had to laugh! At lunch she said the same thing when I told her to finish her plate....
This weekend we went to the launch of a fun children-cd. The kids had a blast! It was a small venue with lots of interaction. When the singers invited the kids to dance and sing, Josefine was the first one on stage and pretty much led the other kids around. Kaio, on the other hand, did not want to go on stage at first and only warmed up to it on the last song. We bought the CD and have been listening to it since. Josefine was singing along the next day and Kaio is more of a listener and asking questions about the lyrics.