Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Year end presentation -> a SUCESS!

Every year the kids have an end year presentation of their school. This is the 3rd year Kaio has done it and the 2nd year for Josefine. 
It was amazing! The kids did so well! 
Each class represented a country. Kaio´s class was Spain and they danced along a Gipsy King´s song. He did all the moves perfectly and had a huge smile on his face! He really was enjoying himself. Josefine´s class represented Portugal, and just like last year, Josefine was very focused on her task! She danced and smiled.... she also looked around to see us!
I was overflown with emotions and cried several times. It was the last year of presentation here in Brazil and the kids did so well and were just adorable in their costumes!
Oma and titia also attended and the kids were very happy with their presence!
(We don´t have many pictures since they had a professional photographer and we will be buying those pictures!)

Monday, December 10, 2012

And she is 3!

Josefine turned 3 yesterday! Often we catch ourselves admiring how big she is. How much she can say and how much she can do. She is not a baby anymore, she is a big girl!
Of course, she still has some moments she regresses to being a 'baby', but most of the times she communicates well, she expresses her feelings, desires and needs. She is able to play by herself, draw nice paintings, count until 20, recognize several letters and sing lots of songs. She can dance, jump, annoy her brother, hug and kiss her brother, she can be very loving but also be very stubborn at times. She is funny and smart and wants to learn.
On the 30th of November we had a birthday party at her school for her classmates. I took her to the store and let her choose between the several themes available and she decided on Minnie (I guess the trip to Disney left a great impression on her). She insisted on an apple cake (normally birthday cakes are chocolate, vanilla or something "simple") but she kept firm in wanting an apple cake. After looking in several bakeries without much luck, Oma offered to make one. We also decided to buy a "normal" birthday cake in case the kids did not want to eat the apple one. It turned out Oma made it such a fun, beautiful and delicious cake that it was a hit amongst everyone!
On her actual birthday (sunday, the 9th) we started the day with lots of hugs and cuddles. Daddy made American pancakes and then she got to open some gifts. We were invited to 2 other birthday that day and so we spend the day having fun, playing, eating delicious food and lots of cake and enjoying our big girl!!!

Our beautiful 3 year-old!

 Birthday Party at school

Monday, November 26, 2012

Another fun sunday!

This Sunday I took Josefine to see the show of "Galinha Pintadinha" (it`s a blue chicken that has 3 cds and the kids love it!). Since we will be moving to the US, we are avoiding purchasing new items, including gifts. Hence I promised a fun day to Josefine for her birthday. It is the first actual "date" me and her do together. We had a blast! It started with choosing our dresses and putting some makeup and perfume on. The show was 1 hr long and Josefine was just so excited with the presentation. She sang along most of the songs and danced!
After the show we met up with Jason and Kaio (who were waiting/playing in a nearby park) and played a bit more. We finished the afternoon with some "frenchy fries and catchup" (=Josefine´s favorite!)
It is always so difficult to pick the best pictures. For example, I love the 3rd picture (where we are posing for the pic) and the 4th picture Jason captured without us knowing, just pure LOVE!)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fun at the farm and at home!

October was a fun month! The weather has been great ->  lots of outside activities -> happy kids -> happy parents!
One weekend we went to the farm of one of my friends and the kids loved it! We spend the day and had a barbeque, explored the farm (although not all of it as it was HUGE!) and horseback riding. The kids LOVED riding the horse and had no fear, eventhough it was a tall one. We went to look at cows and artificial insemination (much more interesting to Jason then the kids). On our way home, both kids expressed their favorite moments (for Kaio it was the churrasco/barbeque and Josefine the horseback riding) and then both fell asleep! 
Another weekend we had the "inauguration" of the pool at our house with a nice barbeque and playing in the pool until their lips were purple!
Kaio got a bike for his birthday from Oma and he is really good in riding it. We have often gone for long rides around the condominium (he goes easily for more then a mile!) and Josefine loves giving instructions to Kaio where he should and should not go while one the back chair of my bike.
Last week it rained for a couple of days and the kids could not go outside, so they had too much energy built up at the end of the day. They love the outside and being busy, outdoor. Another reason I think they will love Colorado ones we move there!