Friday, January 20, 2012

"Não sou maravilhosa..."

As posted several times, Kaio is a very sweet boy and he, randomly, can express how much he loves us! For example: often, during lunch, out of nowhere, he asks to give me a hug!
A couple of days ago I was playing with both kids and Kaio said - "A mamãe e a Josefine são MARAVILHOSAS!" (mommy and Josefine are marvelous!). I almost cried of happiness while Josefine looks at Kaio and says - "Eu não sou maravilhosa, eu sou J-O-S-E-F-I-N-E" (I am not marvelous, I am Josefine). And, although I tried to explain what marvelous means, she still gets angry every time Kaio says it. Of course, Kaio has started saying she is marvelous just to annoy her!

Another fun moment - we were driving home and Josefine was almost falling asleep, since we we were almost home and I wanted her to take a nap in her bed, I tickled her feet and asked her not to fall asleep. She looks at me and says, impatiently: "eu não tô dormindo, estou olhando as florzinhas!" (I am not sleeping, I am looking at the flowers) There were no flowers around, she was just covering up!

Jason and I have been alternating running days. We run in the morning, before the kids wake up, however sometimes they wake up while one of us still running and so Josefine asks - "where is daddy/mommy" to which we answer "mommy/daddy went for a run". When we come home she says “mommy/daddy for run?” Now, when one of us is not around, (at work or just away) Josefine says - "daddymommy for a run!!" (and yes, this is all in English!)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kaio and mommy day

Kaio has gone to the movies several times (once with titio&Kazuê, another time with daddy and then with titia&Kazuê). So this time I said - I want to take my boy to the movies... just the two of us! We went to see the "Gato de Botas". It was so much fun. Kaio is very much into cartoons and he laughs (out loud), cries, gets aprehensive and just takes the movie seriously. Kaio is at a age that you can do fun programs like that!
Afterwards we went to McDonalds, his favourite! (and which we only allow on special occasions). We had a great chat about speaking english and how he should put effort into speaking it more (since he mainly speaks portuguese lately, he still understands everything in english but always answers in portuguese), we spoke about that he wants to be a pilot when he grows up and we even talked about marriage (!!!) He asked what "being married" was (I had brought up that next week it was our 9 year anniversary) and I explained it was when two people really like each other and live together, have kids, etc. To which he said - "um dia eu quero uma mulher e eu vou ser o pai!" (one day I want to have a wife and be a daddy!)
Kaio is a really sweet, adorable, funny, thoughtful and smart little boy and we love him to pieces! (as you can tell my the pics below!)