Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Our baby has been kicking a lot!! It is so fun to 'push' back and then feel him/her kick again. It is also clear where the hands and feets are! (weaker 'kicks' when it is the hands)
My belly is definitely big and showing. This week I had more people 'guessing' the baby's gender based on 'carying the belly upfront' (one said that is a sign of a girl and in a matter of hours someone said carrying the belly upfront was a sign of a boy). I was also talking to some people regarding the heart beat. Last time I went to the midwife the heart beat was 135bpm. Someone told me that anything above 140bpm is sign of a boy and anything below is a girl... doesn't sound to scientific! Well, I guess everyone just has to wait until September.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Several people have asked some updated pictures.. here you go!
1)My birthday dessert!!! Yummie carrot cake!
2) Jason and I
3) Another picture on my birthday... showing off my belly!
4) We had breakfast in Central park on our last day in NY

We are back!

We had a fabulous time in New York. It was a fast trip but we truely enjoyed it! This is the 10th country our baby has been in since he/she was conceived!!! This was also my last trip abroad.
We did a lot of shopping (eventhough we could have bought an additional 10 kg based on our baggage allowance).
Since the dollar is weak, some of the baby items we wanted were the same price in the US as in the UK, but in US$ - which means 50% discount. Some of the items we bought:
- crib mobile - besides having the cute fish tangling above the baby, it also project lights on the cealing and has music and some other nice functions to keep the baby entertained.
- nursing pillow - this is to put around my waiste to help me support the baby while breastfeeding (so my arm doesn't get tired). This was a true bargain.
- First aid kit - with thermometer, nasal aspirator (no idea what this is for or how to use it), medicine dropper, etc
- Swaddle blanket - these are special blankets that are designed to 'swaddle' the baby when sleeping and breastfeeding. This is supposed to be soothing to the baby (since it feels like being in the womb) we bought two different sizes
- Sleeping bag - this is to keep the baby warm, we bought two different sizes
- toys - several
- pacifiers - I heard you can never get enough of these and that some babies can be picky, so we have several shapes and format to try out
- towels - more towels and washing mitts
Besides baby stuff, we also got several cloths for Jason (I restrained myself to one pair of pants and two pair of shoes).
For my birthday Jason took me to a very nice restaurant, very good food and we topped it with carrot cake and a vintage glass of port (Jason truely enjoys these now that we have been to the port region in Portugal and he understands the different types of Port). I enjoyed a nice glass of Argintinian Mablec (wine!) - I will post some pictures later!
I was able to enter the US without any problems with my greencard (eventhough we brought all kind of paperwork to back up any issues they may have questioned)!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


It's funny how some people treat pregnancy like a disease... like you are sick! I clearly understand there are several restrictions when you are pregnant (certain cheese, raw fish, no strenous activities, etc) but it's not that I am disabled!!!!!
This week I participated in a high performing team workshop. (bottom line it helps a team become more united and as a result perform better) and it was just funny (aka annoying) how certain team members kept telling me to sit (and how to sit), relax, not to drink or eat sometings, etc. I do understand they have the best intentions, but most of the times, I do know my limits (I will sit down if my feet hurt or when I am tired!) and also have decided the 'no no' foods (if you have to believe and follow what everyone recommends you not to eat or drink I would be on water & bread -"which should be prepared without eggs and without a certain type of yeast!"
Anyways, in two days we are going to NYC for 2 days! I am excited to spend my 31st birthday there! Last year we went (with my parents) to Africa for my 30th! I was just remembering what an amazing trip that was!!! But who would have imagined that 12 months later we will be going to NYC to buy baby stuff!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


We recently signed up for a cheap car rental. We can get a car for a couple of hours for a great price. So, this saturday we adventured in the streets of England. Since the streets were not build for traffic (tiny streets, too many cars), it becomes a nightmare to get anywhere on time. It took us 1 hrs to drive 10 miles. Nontheless, we went to Mothercare first and checked out some cribs, mattresses, changing table and also prams. Unfortunately they did not have the crib and changing table we wanted (and the plan was to use to car to bring them home today) but we now know which once we want and we will come back some other time. It was great to get a good explanation and 'test drive' on the prams. There are SOOOO many of them.
Afterwards we went to Ikea, since we had to return the car by 3pm and it was already 1:30pm, we went straight to the sofa/bed and crib section. We actually found a crib we liked there and got it! Since we were in a hurry we got exactly what we needed: sofa/bed, crib and changing mattress, which is great, because we normally wonder around at Ikea and end up buying several items that we don't need!
In a couple of weeks we'll go back to Mothercare to get the mattress and the changing table.
This weekend I also want to wash and organize all the baby items we already have and review our list to see what else we need.

Midwife and GP

Yesterday I went to another midwife appointment (the fourth different midwife). I had a mini GTT done. This is to check my glucose levels. I had to fast for 2 hrs (which is significant for me, since I am constantly hungry and need to eat small meals) and then drink a glucose drink 1 hour before. The results should be available next week.
The midwife was portuguese and she was very nice, she checked my blood pressure (which was normal/low) and checked the baby's heart beat (135bpm), which is also normal. I had my first shot of Anti-D, which is necessary since I am AB negative and Jason is A positive, and there is a 50% chance the baby is positive. If this baby is positive, than my body can make antibodies against the rhesus positive factor and may harm this baby, but more severly our second child.
Afterwards I went to the GP, Dr. Begg, she was very nice and straight to the point. She gave me another medicince to try to clear my skin (I have given up, but if this it the only complication of my pregnany, I will be pleased). She also gave me a health certificate for me to fly next week. Since I will be 27 weeks, airlines start requesting the 'safe to fly' certificates.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Some people at work, which I see daily and sit on the same floor as I, finally noticed my bump! Now that it is summer, it is a bit harder to 'hide' the belly underneath layers of cloths! But, it's still funny that some people only notice it now, when I am 6 1/2 months along! Everyone mentions that I am tiny and haven't grown at all (to the sides, I guess) which I suppose is good! I am still on schedule with my 1 kg/month weight gain, but I have noticed that since Brazil I have been eating more, my metabolism must be speading up! I read that this is the period when the baby starts putting on their 'baby fat' (right under the skin) and getting ready to survive outside the womb. (which also requires more calories)
In 'The pregnancy bible', the book I have been reading, it says that the baby's eyelids begin to open and that the baby can react to light. He/she is now almost 1 kg (1 1/2lbs) and 34cm (13 1/2 inches). Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks along (2 more weeks before I finish the second trimester).
The other day I received an email from one of the pregnancy websites I have signed up for saying - 100 days to go!!!!!!!

Stockholm pictures

Some pictures from Stockholm:
1) Jason still smilling before running 26miles! (look at the crowd behind him, there 15000 runners)
2) Jason (fourth) entering the stadium for a final lap after 26miles!!!
3) Me on the water front

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First marathon... wait for the next one - in 3 1/2 months!!! OUR BABY!

We are back from Stockholm. It was another amazing trip and the 9th country our baby has been too since being in my belly!!!! He/she is indeed a world traveller already!Stockholm was beautiful and Jason ran his first marathon! Me and the baby are so proud of him. He ran 26.3 miles (42.3km) in 4hrs (which was his goal) It was 29C (86F) - extremly hot and terrible runnig conditions!!
While Jason was running I went shopping and had to stop several times to drink water and eat ice cream. At the end of the day (after I went to meet Jason at the finish line) I was exhausted!! My feet were hurting and swollen and felt similar to Jason's exhaustion after the marathon! While shopping I was able to by some 'gender' specific cloths for our little one. Until now we have gotten green and yellow's! (not telling you if I bought a bunch of pink or blue cloths!) We also found some cute frogs to decorate the nursery!
The baby has been kicking a lot. Jason has been able to feel him/her again! It is fun to poke back and feel him/her kick again!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The baby has been kicking much more! Several times thourghout the day and night!
Today I woke up not feeling that well. It was a mixture of nausea and tiredness! Tonight I am feeling better. It may just be all the changes my body is going through + travelling + jetlag, etc, I also need to admit that I miss my family and friends in Brazil!!!! :-(
We are packing again (I haven't even unpakced the luggage with all the baby stuff!!), we are off to Stockholm for 4 days. Jason is going to run a marathon! I am so proud of him. his goal was to run a marathon before turning 30 and he will!
Hopefully next weekend we will have time to go to Ikea and get the crib and changing table sorted! I am excited to start working on the nursery and get everything ready for our little one!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shower 2

The second shower was organized by my mom. It was held on thursday, May 31st. We made some cute invitations. (which included the picture of the latest ultrasound).
We invited my mom's neighbors and ladies form the international woman club (which my mom is part of and who work with poor children in the brazilian slums). A total of 15 people came and all brought beautiful gifts! My mom made 4 different cakes, mini pizzas, waffles (her trademark) and all kind of other snacks. As a little memory of the shower we gave a little bag with chocolates and a little frog magnet attached! It was a great afternoon, exchange ideas and experiences with 'older' moms and grandmothers!
One of the ladies has a daughter who has a 1 year old baby, the mother speaks portuguese, the dad speaks english and at daycare they speak spanish.(they live in Spain) She said that her grandchild is coping really well with the three languages and encouraged me to do the same! (with english, portuguese and flemish) I personally think it would confuse our child and I would like to start with english and portuguese and introduce flemish later on (around 3 -4 years) But my mom, of course, would like to start earlier then that. I just don't know how useful it is to teach our child flemish and I would not want to confuse him/her to the point that they will be affraid of talking because they don't know which language to speak.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Shower I

The first shower we had was on saturday, May 26th. Liesbet, my sister, organized it with the help of my mom. (she made her yummie waffles!!!) My dad was the churrasqueiro ('griller') and made a delicious churrassco for us. (including chicken hearts and ribs!)
10 of my good friends came (mainly friends from high school and a friend from vet school). We had a blast!
I received so many nice and useful gifts, including baby toys, baby cloths, pram blankets and a nipple protector!!!!

Vanessa is also pregnant, she is due 2 weeks after I am (here is a picture of the two of us!) She has been very stressed about all the pregnancy restrictions and fears. All of my other friends commented in how relaxed I am about my pregnancy. I just think there is no reason to stress. I have done the tests and taken the necessary precautions, if (touch wood it will not) something will go wrong, there isn't anything I can do about it at this point. We will have to just wait, see and deal with it then!
Me and Vanessa are the first once of this group of friends in having a baby! The majority of them are married or in a serious relationship and we joked in how things have changed: a couple of years ago we would get together and talk about our latest parties, dates, etc and now we are exchange tips about the best lotion to avoid stretch marks!