Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Terrible twos?

The last couple of weeks Kaio has ‘tested’ us a little bit and has had some ‘tantrums’. He gets very frustrated and jumps and screams (like you see in movies…) It’s also a bit frustrated for us since we try to avoid them and when they happen we try to ‘reason’ with him but it does not seem to work. I believe we are fairly strict parents and are not spoiling him, so having been spoiled by grandparents and uncles/aunts for a couple of months also contributed to his current behaviour. Overall he is a great little guy, but I believe these are clearly the ‘terrible twos’! (Luckily these ‘moments’ are not daily and tend to last for max. of 5 – 10 mins)
Kaio loves his school. In the 2 weeks he has been there I believe he likes it better then his previous nursery! He has not cried and is always in a great mood when we pick him up. The children seem all polite and have fun together! All the teachers are very nice and caring! Kaio is in a small classroom (5 children) and gets lots of attention. They have a great outside play area and several types of toys and activities.
Josefine and Kaio remain good friends and she always looks at Kaio when he dances, sings or tells her stories. He sometimes 'tests' her limits too, not in a harmful way but in a curious toddler kind of way!
Kaio has the greatest giggles ever and we love to ‘get him going’. Sometimes it is as easy as throwing Josie’s soft toys at him to get him started! They are truly belly giggles and are hilarious!Josefine continues to smile a lot, I have never seen a baby smile so much! She is also ‘talking’ and experimenting with noises.. and then there are the proper giggles!!! Ah, we do everything to get them and they are absolutely adorable. It is even better when her giggles spark Kaio to giggle, which of course makes us giggle and we all end up giggling over a small little toy (which started Josie’s giggles!)Josie is also mastering her hands and grabs toys easily. She loves to smile to her or us when we place her in front of the mirror.
Kaio is really picking up Portuguese. We are having more difficulty understanding what he is trying to say to us since we don’t know if it’s Portuguese or English. He is definitely learning new words at nursery and comes home with words like – coelhinho da Pascoa (easter bunny), La’ fora (outside), mais por favour (more, please)This weekend we went to Gramado, to visit the Chocofest which is a chocolate festival leading up to Easter. Kaio was very good with all the fun ‘bunnies’, strangers coming up to him to say ‘hi’ (Brazilians are very outgoing and absolutely love children) and both car trips (2 hrs each way).
Kaio is very cute when he pronounces some words and phrases, like:
- potator - por favor = please
- oder weare - over there
- tuii - silly.
- Tanto - He can not pronounce the S properly. He calls my sister’s boyfriend Tanto (his name is Santo). We try to make him say ssssss, he repeats ssssss, so then we tells him to say Ssssssanto and he says – SssssssTanto.
- Totetine Maia – his little sister
- Poopies/pipies in the potty – to go to the bathroom
- Too BIIIIIG (reaching with his hands wide out)
- Daddy fall down the bus – Jason fell down whil getting down from a bus and told into Kaio, since then Kaio has said it numerous times
- Poopies in the bunda - Bunda means 'behind'. He is starting to mix some words.
- Pasta for breakfast - the other morning we asked what he wanted for breakfast and he said - ice cream. When I said it was too early for ice cream he said - PASTA!
He tries to repeat everything we say and it is hilarious when we say complicated words...

Monday, March 15, 2010

New home!

Last week we moved into a new flat. It is perfectly located and 15 mins from Oma and Opa and 15 mins from the city centre. We now live in a beautiful apartment block that has several out door amenities, such as swimming pool, children play area (Indoor and outdoor), soccer field, etc. It is also 5 mins from a major mall and 2 mins from the main river here in the south. Each of the kids have their own room and Kaio is really enjoying it. He also has his own bathroom and loves 'decorating' it. (we got towls and a mat with ducks on it) Josefine also moved into her own room now and is adapting nicely!
Kaio started nursery on monday. He will go to a local school (15mins walk) and will be going there 5 days a week from 8am until 1pm. It will be great for him to learn portuguese. He adapted very nicely and everyone is really friendly. He talks about his new friends and is happy to return every day. The teacher said he seems to understand everything and makes himself clear (if he doesn't know the words in portuguese he points or grabs the teacher by her hand to point out what he wants). He did not cry at all and his classmates seem very nice and happy children!
We also rented a car this week and are more independent now (Oma was always driving us around). Kaio does miss his Oma and living at their house (they had a much bigger garden) but we still are very close and have seen Oma every day.
1) Josie and her new hairband
2) Josie and Kaio (aren't they just absolutely georgeous)
3) Kaio very happy with his new (spiderman) backpack to go to school
4) Kaio singing and dancing at the barbeque of some friends

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Rio - cidade maravilhosa!

This week we had a mini break from our sabbatical and went to Rio de Janeiro for 3 days. Kaio stayed with Oma in Porto Alegre.
Josefine behaved very well during the entire trip. She slept on both plane trips and in Rio she was very content with the full attention she got from us. We were able to see the main attractions in Rio and also enjoy some nice meals.
Josie continues to progress very well with her motor skills and is able to reach for toys and grab them. She is also very talkative and started having real giggles! She continues to be a happy and very smiley baby. She definitely does not like the dummy and is also not very keen on the bottle. She has started sucking her fingers and makes funny noises when she 'finds' them. Her sleeping patterns are still a bit irregular but she has been able to sleep for 8 hrs straight several times. Josie wears pink cloths, however we frequently get asked if she is a boy. In Brazil, ALL baby girls get their ears pierced when they are a couple of days old and since she does not have pierced ears, some people think she might just be a fasionable boy dressed in pink!
Kaio is doing really well and continues to love all the new experiences in Brazil. This week he went with titia to ride a horse and he absolutely adored it (I thought he would be affraid but he was very excited). Kaio is becoming much less shy and adores spending time with everyone in the family. He also has moments he just goes and sits outside in the grass to see the golf players go by or watch the ducks. Potty training is going really well, although we still have some accidents which are mainly due to him getting so excited playing and forgets to go to the potty.
Some pics:
1) Josie with her little hair bows
2) Kaio's new haircut
3) Kaio with Oma and titio
Rio de Janeiro:
1) Josie and mommy at the Christo Redentor
2) Josie (in her pretty dress) with daddy
3) Josie and daddy having fun
4) Family pic on top of the pao de acucar (Josie was not very happy with the bright sun!)
5) Josie and mommy in Ipanema beach!
6) Josie waiting to go to the Cristo Redentor