Thursday, June 28, 2012

2 months flew by

I canpt believe it has been almost 2 months since I almost posted here! It has been so busy with work, school, kids, travelling, etc
In May we went to Florida! It was AWESOME. We spend 3 days at Grandpa Bernard´s (Pepe) house and then 7 days at Disney. Grandma and Grandpa spend most of the time with us, I think they had a great time and a blast spending so much time with the kids (and going to the parks)! It was great to see Kaio spend some more time with Pepe and bonding with him again. He really is great with kids and just knows how to entertain and interact with him. He also knows how to entertain adults, with some good food and a nice cold beer at the end of the day.
Needless to say, but Disney was a complete hit with the kids. And although I though Josefine would not enjoy it as much, she really did! It was a pretty busy week, but we managed to do the following parks:
  • Disney: kids were so excited and it all started with the "going to Disney", from taking the train to the gates, getting on the boat and then being overwhelmed with all the great experiences Disney brings. One of the first things we did was to great Mickey and Minney. Kaio was so happy and gave both a big hug and "high fives". Josefine wanted distance. She was excited when we were waiting, but once she saw that they were actually big, she did not want to get close. She did manage to do a "high five" with Minny. Later in the day we came across Pluto and Goofy, and once again, Josefine was a bit affraid but she talks about that experience until now! (although she mixes Goofy and Pluto...) We went on several rides and the kids were just running from one side to another and the 4 of us just admiring the energy they had. Kaio´s favourite ride was the Toy Story ride.
  • SeaWorld: Kaio´s favourite park! He just loved feeding the dolphins, seeing all the fish, turtles, sharks and whales. The killer whale show was just spectacular and Josefine thought it was hilarious that they were getting everyone wet with all the splashing.
  • Typhoon Lagoon: It was an overcast day, which ended up being perfect since the park was pretty much empty. We had a great time just floating around in the lazy river, going on some of the slides and having lunch. There was one ride that seemed big and apropriate for Kaio, so he went with Jason. Josefine and I watched. When they came down, someone mentioned it could also be appropriate for Josefine. So we all went up. The plan was for me to go first, then catch Josefine followed by Jason catching Kaio. (we had to go apart and I had to wait for Josefine at the pool at the end). When I started going down I immediately thought "OH NO!" It was a rough slide, going around, into dark tunel, with some major drops... all I could think was that Josefine would be petrified by herself. When I finally saw her coming down she was backward and on her back, she fell in the pool and I caught her (totally excpecting her to be in tears), however she looked up smilling and said she liked it. So I asked "let´s go again", to which she instantly replied "NO!". I was very proud of her!
  • LegoLand: This was an unexpected hit. Kaio really enjoys legos, so seeing all kind of them in large scale was great. The rides were also very good, however Josefine was a bit too small to go on all of them. To our surprise, Kaio wanted daddy to go with him on most rides!
  • Animal Kingdom: Our kids love animals, so this was also very interesting. All kind of animals and activities for them to do, even petting a salamander and driving through a forest full of rhinos, dears, alligators, etc Just like a real safari! However, this was our last park, so by now the kids were getting tired and not as "amazed" with everything.
Kids had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa. They got lot´s of presents and enjoyed getting the extra atention! But I am sure that they were happyt o head back home and get some good rest!
Jason and I took advantage of the trip to do lot´s of shopping and I feel I bought all the cloths and toys we need for the next year (we arrive with 3 luggages and left with 7!!!)
Overall it was a great trip, (including the flying part!) and we had a hard time coming back. Vacations are always so nice and when they are so good, they are harder to 'let go'.