Monday, March 28, 2011


A couple of weeks ago we Baptized both Kaio and Josefine.
I have always wanted to baptize them, but we had been delaying it for a while since we couldn´t decide on the godparents. While in Chile we finally had time to reflect and see who is important in our kids lifes and make a decision. And here they are:


Ward & Liesbet
Herman & Anita


Karolien & Peter
Stephen & Fanny

Unfortunately we were not able to have everyone present on this special day in their lives, but we certainly had a great day.
We had a nice barbeque (by Opa) after that we had a photo session (with a professional photographer) to take family and inidividual pics. Then we went to the church and had the baptism ceremony.
We finished this great day with a nice cake and champagne!
It was a great day and it was very good to have so many family members present. Unfortunately Grandma and Grandpa couldn´t make it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Kaio has been doing great! He really is a great kid, which (very normally) has his moments but overall is very sweet, funny, polite and amazing little guy. He loves his sister, loves his family and says very spontaneous and sweet things. Kaio also has developed a very creative imagination and makes up his own stories and sometimes his own language (as if 3 is not enough!). He has been spending at least 1 day a week at Oma and Opa´s house! He loves staying there since he gets really spoiled (like breakfast and TV in bed) but it is a good oportunity for us to spend some good time with Josefine and he gets to bond with his grandparents.
This week I think we got Kaio´s first lie. He had spend the evening at Oma´s house and the next time it was bath time and he said he had already taken a bath at Oma´s (which I knew he hadn´t) and so I said - "are you sure? Because I think I might call Oma to make sure..." he instantly said "não, não tomei banho... vamos tomar banho?"
Kaio has really cranked up his "por que?" phase and is constantly asking the explanation about things and most of the time our answer to his first por que is followed by many other por que´s. He is also asking a lot of other questions, like this morning he asked me how Josefine came out of my belly ;-)
Josefine saying hi to get my attention is adorable. She sometimes comes crawling toward me, saying "hi, hi, hi" and then she gets to my feet, looks up, with a big smile and says "hiiiiiiiiiii". It is very cute and impossible not the pick her up!
Josefine has adjusted really well at daycare and most days does not cry when I drop her off. She really likes her carers and her classmates!
She likes looking at books (following the example of her brother) and is in the phase of putting items in and out of boxes and containers.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

chit chatters

Josefine is almost 1 year and 4 months. She still is not walking although she only needs one finger to run around and she has taken 5 steps along. But as the saying goes - "late walker, early talker!"
She sure is talking - she imitates a lot of words we say. The latest ones:
- up (to come up the sofa or arms)
- Milll (milk, she also does the sign language for this)
- YoYo (yogurt)
- Bano (banho - bath)
- Daio (Kaio, which she also calls mano)
- Boo (book, with the sign language)
- Hi (she says that when she gets close to me and wants my attention)
- Ta ta (Tchau tchau, waving goodbye)
- Daddy (says it in english)
- Mommy (also in english)
- Beli (belly, and she points at it!)
- Pider (Spider)
- and then the other ones she was already saying nicely - Oma, Opa, titio, titia, agua, etc

Kaio´s vocabulary has also increased significantly, although we are still working on the correct pronunciation of some words. Sometimes he doesn´t say the 's' or pronounces the 'd' or 'c', etc. However, we have been told that it is normal until they are about 4 years.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Family pics

We finally got around in taking some professional pictures of our family! (the last time we had taken professional pics, Josefine was a small little fetus in my belly)
With such a beautiful kids, the pics turned out great!!!!
Here is a selection of a couple:

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

It has been a while..

Sorry it has taken me so long to update the blog! We have been busy!
Our trip to Chile went well! We had a great time and really enjoyed exploring a new country and speding time together, as a couple, just the two of us! However, we REALLY missed the kids! We constantly talked about them, remembered moments, looked at pictures online and called twice a day to check on them. The kids and Oma and Opa had a great time and everything went perfectly! We couldn't have been happier it all went so smoothly during the 9 days we were away. Josefine had settled nicely into daycare and both kids are now going there every afternoon.
Now, after 3 weeks we are finally into a nice routine: we spend the morning together (some days we have swimming, other days we stay home or go to Oma's house or find somehting to do), after lunch I take the kids to school, come home and start workting until 6:30 (since we got back from Chile, I've started working with Jason). At 6:45 we pick up the kids, together. It has become a fun habit and the kids are always so happy to see us. When we get home we start our evening routine with some play time, a snack, bathing, watching some tv or reading a book, bottle for Josefine and bed.
We have full days but they are so much fun!