Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas...

Kaio is really looking forward to Lucas´s arrival tomorrow. Karolien and her family are arring for Christmas and Kaio has such a fond memories of his cousin. Josefine also talks about Victor (who is 6 months) as being her cousin!
November was a fast month (like many others). Kids started going two full days a week to school (while I work) and the other 3 half days we spend the morning together. Sometimes it is hectic to keep the house clean and organized and play at the same time, but the kids love to help and are really good in helping tidy up. At school they sing a song when they need to tidy up and we sing it together (Guarda, guarda, guarda, bem direitinho pra deixar tudo no lugarzinho....)
Both kids are realy putting effort in trying to sing all types of songs and in this case it is Kaio that is motivated by Josefine doing so well at it. She sings several songs all by herself (mainly português songs but many English songs too) I remember Kaio always enjoyed music, however he never really attempted to sing along. Josefine really tries to look at our mouth for the pronunciation and imitate the noises. Kaio is in a phase he understands several words of the song and asks for explanations about the story told in each song.
It has started warming up and we were all amazed in how Kaio has no fear from the pool. Last year he was a bit cautious with the pool, but now he just jumps in it. He has asked to start swimming classes again.
Josefine has desfinitely entered the "terrible twos" and can be a lot of work at times. She has some tantrums and wants things her way. It sometimes hurts a bit, but we are making sure to stay strict and make sure she knows what is acceptable and what isn´t. Kaio sometimes tries to reason with her, but mostly she won´t listen to him. He has also found that telling us what Josefine is doing wrong (like taking out all the floss or all her cloths from her closet) so we can avoid further "stress"! On the other hand, when we discipline Kaio, Josefine is right next to us repeating what we are saying "mano, don´t do that!" "behave", etc. It was to no surprise her teacher says she does the same at school. When the teacher tells the kids to tidy up or stop making a mess, she repear the teacher and acts like she is the grown up!
Overall the kids really love and adore each other and are learning how to play together (although they both know really well what upsets the other and they do it on purpose to get our atention or to really test each other). I keep telling Kaio to "negotiate" with her if they are disputing over a toy and it mostly works. Josefine has started doing the same thing, so when Kaio is playing with a toy she wants, she goes with a diferent toy or a book and says - "olha mano, para ti" (look brother, for you!)
We also had the year end party of their school, where all classes present a dance or scene. Jason was travelling but Oma, Opa and titia were there! I have to say, my kids were AWESOME! They did exactly what they had trained and followed all the instructions from their teachers, besides being totally adorable in their customes. Josefine was Tinkerbell and Kaio a soldier.
On the 9th of December Josefine turned 2!! We had a great day with her. Jason got back from a trip in the morning and then we spend the day getting ready for the "princess birthday" we scheduled for the following day! We invited several friends, had a bouncy castle, a trampoline, lot´s of baloons, sweets, etc We had almost 40 people show up and she loved all the attention and friends. We dressed her as a princess and she kept saying "Josie princesa!) It was a great party!

Year end party of their school: Very proud mommy after the kids presentation.
Very focused on her "dust" throwing as Tinkerbell (other kids were paralised by the size of the audience)
Little Soldier. He kept showing his classmates how to do things. He kept looking at his teacher to follow her instructions! Very very well done!
Let the potty training begin! (she has no trouble to sit on it, but we have not had "anything" go down the drain)
Birthday Party:

Monday, November 14, 2011

October 2011

Kids seem to change every day. They learn so fast and pick up so many things we do or say. Josefine seems to learn even more as she also tries to do everything Kaio learns. When we try to help him pronounce the RR of certain words, like "primo" (which means cousin and he says pimo) we repeat pRRRRimo a couple of times, to which he then replies and does a great job in correcting (although he does say pirimo) and then Josefine also does "pIIIIIIImo mano"! (as if she is teaching him!). Kaio and Josefine continue to play nicely together, although Josefine loves to grab a toy Kaio is playing with and run fast away. Most of the times Kaio starts crying and I have made it a point in not helping retrieve his toy if he is crying.... (I think she has figured this out and enjoys these moments)
We recently have sorted out our garden and Kaio loves to water the plants (he does a great job at it).
He also adores the new little herbs Jason planted and enjoyed the tomatoes we have grown so far. Josefine also adores watering the plants, however she ends up getting herself and everyone around wet as well!
Kaio has improved at school and has been getting lots of compliments in how he is behaving much better now (we had to be a bit harsh in really not allowing certain behaviors and he noticed that he would loose his TV and we would not be happy with hi if his teacher complaint!)
Josefine suddenly started counting until 10 in both Portuguese and English. (Another thing she picked up since we spend time with Kaio on his numbers) She has also cranked up the amount of songs she sings and does a great job in pronouncing the words, following the rhythm and dancing along!
Some of my favourite ones: "quem quer ser o amiguinho do peixinho?! GABRIELA UUUUU", "inimini miney mo", "sapo cururu", "twinkle twinkle little star", "old McDonald had a farm". We spend our route to school and back singing together.

On a less pleasant note, we have decided to start with the "naughty step" for Josefine. She can sometimes really test us! We had anticipated a more dificult situation with her then with Kaio, but so far she has been on the "step" 3 x and it went well. While she is crying on the step, Kaio walks to her and begs her to ask forgiveness to us (so we can resolve teh issue)... he then comes to us and says - Josie is really sorry (although Josie has not said anything!)

Last week Jason and I finally took another (much deserved) holiday together. We left the kids with my parents. It went really well and the kids slept, ate, behaved and were just perfect. My dad loves to joke how they don´t miss us as they don´t even ask about us! Which I do believe as they love spending time with them, getting spoiled and knowing we will return!

Some pics:

Watching TV. Josefine is not that interested in TV, but kaio is crazy about it and just zones out. Josefine knows this and often plays and teases him to disturb him!

Healthy eating habits. Kaio eats fruit and veg because he really likes it, Josefine because her big brother is eating them!

Kaio and Josefine on "an adventure" with daddy while mommy studies!
Kaio checking out the herbs with daddy:Josefine watering the plants and herself:Kids and daddy in the pool:Recycle girl:Homen Aranha Gremista!:
Josefine BEFORE:
Josefine AFTER:
Our holiday in Ouro Preto (and only pic together!):

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September 2011

Kidlets are doing great! Besides (hopefully) the last cold of this winter which resulted in some chesty coughs and lot´s of nose cleaning.... both kids are great.

It seems he has cranked up the "por quês?" but has also start asking some very good questions, showing how this world is still a big enigma for him! "why are the starts in the sky?" "why do they only appear at night?" "why is my skin not as dark as Sorridente" (his capoeira teacher)
Kaio turned 4 this month and we had a lot of activity around his Bday! First he got a birthday party at school with all his friends and teachers. He chose Kungfu Panda as the theme for his party and it was a lot of fun. On his actual birthday, Monday, we spend the morning together went to McDonalds (one of his favorite places!) and in the evening we finished it with a delicious cake (cream and strawberry) I actually had a test and was the first to finish to rush home and be able to enjoy the last 30mins of his bday with him! The following weekend I had another party at home with some of our friends and family! Another day of lots of attention and presents! It is amazing to think Kaio is 4 already! I catch myself thinking how big he is, but still so little compared to the years to come!
This month Kaio has again starting testing his boundaries at school. Kaio, Leo and Lucas are the 3 buddies that from a little "gang" and bully other kids. (They also have big fights amongst them) His teacher talked to the three of us and mentioned that Kaio is mainly following the bad behavior of his friends. Of course, we took it seriously and he lost his TV for a couple of days. We have also told him that if his teacher would complain about anything, he would lose more TV hours! It seemed to have worked and he has improved. Boys are boys and that is inevitable, but when they start pushing other kids over or throwing stones on their teachers, we needed to intervene!
Kaio has been counting really well, both in Portuguese and English. He also is coloring nicely and comes home with all kinds of new learning’s as he also "absorbs" everything from what we say, what he hears on the TV, etc He is clever little guys who is just a sponge and absorbs everything around him!

She continues being a cute blond, blue eyed toddler that gets a lot of attention from everyone! Now that she runs, talks and interacts she gets even more attention! She has started being a bit shy amongst new people (which fades after a little bit) She likes to imitate her brother but can also "push" him away when she is not in the mood for his kisses and hugs. She says "popit" (stop it) when she doesn´t like something. Josefine plays nicely with her "dolidol" (dolls) and gets a pillow for each of her dolls and teddy bears available and puts them to sleep (she puts a blanky over their eyes) and then seh grabs them and says "adodou" (acordou = woke up) and starts playing with them. If we say anything she puts her finger to her mouth and say "ssh, dolidol mimindo" (Dolidol dormingo-doll sleeping)
Last month 6 teeth decided to come out at the same time and it was a very painful event! She now has all her teeth with the exception of the 4 big molars. (ouch!)
She continues to be very independent and wants to eat by herself, take her backpack to the car when we have to go to school, go up and down the stairs by herself, etc. She has also started taking interest in potty and often says "xixi", I then put her on the potty, she sits there for 10 secs (with cloths on) and then says "deu" (done).

Jason has been using the counting rhyme to get the kids out of bath (they would stay in in all day if we would allow them)

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Catch the tiger by the toe.
If it hollers let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

After 2 weeks, suddenly Kaio started singing along and this weekend, out of nowhere (she wasn´t even in the bath) Josefine sang the song too and kept singing it throughout the day! (Priceless!)

-> First Icecream of the summer! Yum! Josefine didn´t "recognize" what it was, and when she bit in it she had a angry look and said it was "hot" and started blowing at it!!! After a couple of licks, she was all over it!
-> Josefine playing with her dolls and teddy bears! (some are "sleeping" and some are "playing")
-> Kaio at McDonalds on his birthday!
-> Kidlets love to play "baby". I have to give them bottles, sing lullabies, pet thier backs...
-> On "dia das crianças" (childrens day) the kids wore costumes to school. Josefine was the "pinteza" (=princesa=princess) and Kaio Hot Wheels Vermelho! They loved dressing up!
-> Both kids loved helping with the painting.-> Kaio and Josefine dancing!-> Playing with funny homemade hats!-> Some Birthday parties pictures....
First party at school:

At home with friends and family: