Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tail, toes... funny little guy

A couple of days ago, Kaio grabbed Vinny's tail and I said it is the 'rabo' (tail in Portuguese). We then went around the house looking at teddy bears and pictures of animals pointing out the 'rabo'. Our smart little guy then grabbed his lower back and asked 'abo?' and I told him he did not have a 'rabo', just like mommy and daddy and I showed him this. He learns fast, now he sees an animal with a tail and says 'abo' and right after he grabs his lower back, shakes his had and says 'no abo' if I ask him if 'daddy' has a 'abo' he says 'no' and when I ask about Vinny he says 'yes'!
The other day we caught him removing some 'sock fur' from in between his toes (see pic below) It is so adorable, and every time we take his socks off he goes to look in between his toes to check if there is 'sujeira' (=dirt)
I also have been working on the word 'grandao' (=big) and when we now see a big truck he opens his arms wide open and says 'dandao'
Kaio continues LOVING music and dancing. He actually goes to the radio and asks to turn it on!
This past weekend Kaio was playing with his toys while I started cleaning the floor. When he saw what I was doing he instantly dropped his toy and ran to the cupboard to grab cleaning wipes and he spend the next 30 min (even after I had stopped) cleaning everything around the house - the floor, his toys, Vinny. Let's hope he keeps up this good habit!
Some pictures:
- As happy as can be in the empty nappy box
- Also very happy in an empty paper bag
- Playing with friend Freya
- 'sujeira' in between the toes
- Reading books for his sleeping buddies: 'donkey' and 'squirrel'

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Music class and afternoon tea!

Friday was another busy day! We first went to the music class (fruity tunes). We now go to the toddler session. Kaio LOVES the music but tends to sit and dance close to me (instead of mingling with the other children) However he now is more confident and goes and dances and jumps with the other children in the middle! He definitely has a good rhythm. We did finish the class with a little cry - the last music is about a truck and a digger (with actually toy trucks) and at the end of the song, Kaio grabbed the trucks under his arms and headed for the door saying "bye bye".... big tears when I told him he had to return the trucks!
In the afternoon we had some friends + toddlers come for tea. Kaio had just woken from a nap and was not very keen in sharing his toys, however after a while they were all playing and chasing each other around the house. However he was not happy when one of the toddlers grabbed his 'donkey' (his favorite sleeping buddy!) and Kaio only relaxes when he got it back!
Kaio continues doing well at daycare. In the afternoon, when I go and pick him up, his class (toddler 1) mixes outside with Toddler 2 (children between 2 - 3). It is great for him to interact with older children. The other day I was actually surprised that Kaio won a 'battle' with an older child over a bike! I saw them from far 'yelling' over the same bike and I was ready to jump in (the boy must have been almost 3) however it resulted with the bigger boy walking away crying and Kaio, triumphantly, sitting on the bike! My boy!!!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Kaio is "bapi"

Kaio is progressing very well with his words. When we read books (which he is always asking for) we point at various objects and he says what it is (in his toddler vocabulary that mainly only parents understand) . Some are in Portuguese and some in English. It also works the other way around, when we ask him where the fish, bird, boat, tree, cloud, etc is (in either language) he points at it. His vocabulary is clearly expanding and sometimes I am surprised he picked up a word I said only once!
One word we have taught him is 'happy'. When he is happy we tell him about his feeling (I read a book that said it is important for children to be able to express their feelings since they sometimes have a hard time dealing with them). Kaio now says 'bapi' when he is happy and smiling, when he sees pictures of people smiling he also says 'bapi'! We now have to work on the 'sad', 'angry', 'frustrated', etc but let's take it one word at a time!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tip toe

Kaio has discovered how to walk on the tip of his toes. It is so cute and funny. I just need to say - "tip toes tip toes" and he walks around very proud of his achievement! He continues to love dancing. Today Jason turned on the radio and instantly he dropped his toy and stood up to dance. He also loves to embrace Jason and I, at the same time, and have a 'group dance'! He seems to have good rhythm. (must be his brazilian side!)
Yesterday we went to the beach. As it was here in the UK, I should've know... I took along Kaio's swimming shorts, my bikini, towels, etc hoping for a fun day, splashing water and enjoying the ocean and sun! However, we spend the day complaining how cold it was and did not get close to the water at all! We had a great time and enjoyed exploring Littlehampton, but it was very windy and cold! Kaio had a lot of fun with Jason and I during the 1 1/2hr train journey each way.