Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First days of school!

We started Josefine at the same school as Kaio. I need to admit I have been apprehensive about it as I have a slight feeling this is the 'end' of a very amazing phase in our life’s - me being a full time mommy! But, on the other hand I also feel I need to start being productive and working on my career! I am very blessed that I will be staying with the kids in the morning and they will go to school in the afternoon, while I work (with Jason)
The first day, Josefine only stayed for 30min and was not particularly trilled by the new environment. She settled once they took her to play with Kaio. Kaio was very proud of having his little sister at his school and kept saying to his colleagues and teachers – “esta e’ minha mana!” (this is my sister). She ate an afternoon snack and then I took her home. The second day I dropped her off and after 5 mins they called me saying she had a 39C fever! She had been feeling hot, but I did not think it was anything to worry.. so instead of settling in at school I took her to the Dr., who couldn't find anything wrong with her!!! (I hope she is not so smart at this age and had a psychological fever... ;-) On wednesday she stayed an hour and it went relatively well as they kept her entertained outside with buckets of water and toys. On thursday she stayed an hour and pretty much cried the entire time. Finally, on friday we attempted 2 hours and she also cried the majority of the time! It breaks my heart, but we need to go through this. There is no reason to postpone it or delay it. I had always been warned that settling kids into nursery after 8 months is more difficult, which is very true as Kaio's adaptation was much smoother (he was 7 months at the time).
Next week we will try again!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Por que, mamae?"

It started suddenly, and I was very happy when he first said the "por que, mamae?" (why, mommy?) Thinking it is good for being curious and to want to know 'the world'.... well, now he asks "por que, mamae?" at the end of any phrase I say! Sometimes I have a perfect answer (why is there thunder? why can't Josefine walk yet?) but sometimes he leaves me speechless (why does Oma not live with us? why is the moon 'in half' today? why does 'our building' not grow, like us? why does the truck use gasoline but my bike doesn't?) It must be in the genes - both Jason and I were very curious when we are young... I just hope I can keep up with all his questioning!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Same parents.... but so diferent

I am often amazed to see the diference between my kidlets! Although they have the same parents and are only 26 months apart, there are many diference - both physically as their personality.
Kaio has always had a very atheltic body - slim and muscular! On the other hand, Josefine is a bit more chubby. Of course, she is still a baby and has the normal 'baby fat' but she has a more 'rounded' body. Josefine is also very white. Kaio is white also but he will probably tan nicer and Josefine will be as red as a tomato with a little bit of sun! Josefine has fine blond her and Kaio has thicker and darker hair (this can of course change a lot throughout their lives...).
Both kids are fairly easy going, however Kaio is much more cautious when he meets someone new (it takes him a while to 'warm up' and be comfortable with stranger) and Josefine throws herself and smiles at anyone! Kaio is also more cautious in new situations (new toys, sports or challenges) and Josefine is much more adventurous. (she has had many more bumps on her head then Kaio as a baby!)
Of course, there are several similarities - Both kids are just absolutely beautiful and amazing! Both have a happy personality and are, generally, very happy and easy going kids!
Kaio when he was around 13 months!

A recent pic of Josefine after she fell and got a big bump on her forehead!

2011 will be another great year!

Both kdis are doing great. They are really having fun together! Most of the time they play nicely and share well, although Josefine has started 'complaining' (very loudly) when Kaio takes a toy she has been playing with. In the past he could easily grab her toys or replace it with another toy, but now she knows what she wants and does not take 'no' for an answer. Something tells me she will be a stuborn, determined and strong willed little girl! Most of the times, Kaio gives in! (although I have been monitoring it closely to ensure he does not get to 'bullied' by her ;-)
Josefine started saying 'baby' and 'hello' this week. Her Hello is in portuguese - "Alo" and sounds like AOOO. She says it when she hears the phone ringing or she puts a phone to her cheek. She also does 'no-no-no' with her index finger when I say it to her! (it is hard to stay serious).
Kaio has started the 'why' phase and is constantly asking explanations of things he sees around him.. such as 'why is that house being build there?' (what can I say?!) to 'why does the apple have pits' (that one is fairly easy) or 'why does it make loud noises when it rains?' (that was very easy). I guess I'll have to refresh my 'general knowledge' about things to be able to have answers for him!