Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She is a walker!!

Josefine had been very firm on her legs and walking (with someone´s/anyone´s finger as support) for a while. She would also walk for several steps with lots of motivation... (like a waffle, cookie or a big hug!) But she was not confident enough to walk around herself. A pediatrician said she had all the motor capabilities but it was a sign she will be a very "reluctant" kid - she needs to be very sure before adventuring around! (I think she was just being a bit lazy!)
On thursday (march 21st) we were at home (it was Easter Holiday) and I was in my room getting dressed when suddenly she walks in by herself, without anyone having motivated her. From that moment onwards, she is walking, walking and walking. She just gets up and starts walking around to one room, then the other, the kitchen, the entire living room, etc. Sometimes it is even dificult to hold her because she wants to get down to walk!
Of course, we have had a couple of occasions of Josefine being "accidentaly" tripped by her brother....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Grandma in town!

Grandma was in town for 10 days at the beginning of April! She made the trip down to Brazil - all by herself. The kids really got a chance to play and bond with her. We spend several mornings at home just playing with toys she brought or on the ground reading books and lots of painting/drawing. (Kaio loves the AcquaDoodles Grandma brought for him)
I think Grandma really enjoyed the time with the kids, but also was a bit overwhelmed with the hectic agenda we have. Kaio was great in saying english words to Grandma as he realized she did not speak portuguese and the words Josefine knows (in both English and Portuguese), Grandma picked up very quickly.
We went to Gramado - the Easter capital of Brazil - with Grandma. The kids (and everyone else had a blast!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

"An angel with a broken wing"

Kaio broke his arm this week! He is a easy going boy and is not a boy you expect to brake an arm. He had a bad fall at school and broke both bones of his arm, close to his pulse. He now has a temporary cast, until next week, when the swelling goes down they'll put a full cast on for 6 weeks.
I can say it was one of the worst days of my life. Kaio was in pain, a bit disoriented and I was not able to comfort him the first hours as he was in so much pain. All I could do was hold him close and give him as much comfort I could. Once we got home, Jason went to the store and got him lots of goodies (which he loved) and we spent the afternoon watching DVDs and spoilling him tons! At night I slept in his room and he had an uneasy night as he could not find a comfortable position and it was hurting. But from the second day onwards he sometimes forgets he has a cast on.
He does not like it when I say his arm is broken (to other people) as he believes something broken is really bad. He also calls his cast a big bandaid!
Overall he has been very brave and a trooper! It is hard seeing him with a big cast on his arm, but I am happy he is feeling much better and accepting it very well overall.