Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sign language

Kaio started using the sign language we have been teaching him for several months. We were giving up, since we just looked a bit silly in public in signing at a baby that just stared back at us.We started showing the Baby Einstein DVD on first signs and it really helped him.
Several weeks ago he started doing the 'airplane' sign when he saw or heard planes flying over.
Two weeks ago he started doing the 'all done' sign (to say he is finished with a meal or his bottle) and recently he has been doing the 'food' and 'more' sign. It is adorable and he seems to be very proud of it. We are as well, since it will help our communication until he develops more verbal skills.
Kaio is walking more and more. He still crawls but he is risking longer distances.
Yesterday we had some friends over for lunch who have 18 month old twin boys. Kaio was a bit intimidated and shy but when they started playing with his toys he joined in! He normally is very social with younger babies (since he is one of the bigger babies in his nursery room) and I think bigger children are still a bit of a mystery to him.
This weekend we are also dog sitting a puppy. He is in Kaio's (and Vinny's) face, but overall he is very interested and intrigued with the little 'doggie'. He points at them and says - 'Do Do'
Here are some recent pictures. It's to show Kaio's Belgian roots. (I am sure Oma will love it!)
1) I am a thirsty and Belgian!
2) Oops, you caught my red handed!
PS - the bottle was empty!!!!
3) Eating his yogurt all by himself. (although it requires a lot of concentration)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More teeth!

Kaio has had a bit of a cough for a week and a half or so; we thought it was due to something he picked up at nursery. But alas, today we figured out what it was! He proudly showed us two new teeth, so now he has 8! So we think he's been drooling a lot, getting a bit of a rash, and all because of the teething.

He's also started to understand how to "give us a kiss". He'll open his mouth wide-open, and give us a sloppy kiss on the cheek; very cute :) Some of the other babies at the nursery will make the "smootch" noise and pucker their lips, but Kaio hasn't quite learned that yet. Surely he will with time.

Another discover this weekend was that he really enjoys feeding himself. This morning I made him a little sandwich for breakfast, and I was expecting to give him little chunks of it until finished. Either he was so hungry or so excited, but he grabbed the sandwich and started taking big bites out of it.

I don't know what he likes more, the fact that he feeds himself (yea, independence!), or the fact that he gets himself extra special dirty, hehehehe.

We're all having a great fun weekend together playing around the house!
Kaio has been learning so many things! There are several words he knows the meaning of and even atempts to imitate the sound (bola, flor, boca, nariz, livro, doggy, etc) He has also been trying several facial expressions (blowing bubbles, moving his tongue in his mouth, making kiss movements,etc) and he is very amused when we also do it!
He is taking 10+ steps at a time, however his prefered way of moving is still crawling!
This friday we met up with some of the girls from our antenatal group (3 baby girls and Kaio), besides he being the smallest he is also the loudest in banging things (it's such a boy thing, the girls just kept staring at him) While he is into getting the remote controls, play with the tv, radio, etc the girls were playing with a set of tea pots and dolls! He does seem to be the more agile and the one taking steps. However some of the girls had 12 teeth already while he only has 6!
Here is a pic of Kaio and Vinny (Kaio loves to play with Vinny's toys). He had a bit of a swollen face due to some allergic reaction. We are not sure what it was, but are suspecting strawberries! (which is a shames since he really liked them!)

Sunday, November 09, 2008


1) Kaio on the pelican toy, he loved it until we turned it on!
2) Kaio loving the zoo
3) Kaio and mommy after looking at the lions (he did not enjoy them that much since they were not hanging from trees, chasing each other and running around like the other animals!)
4) Daddy and Kaio with Evan and Daryl. Kaio loves babies (any size or shape)
5) Little prisoner - Halloween!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Kaio has been so much fun! He loves the phone and puts it to his ear and laughs. He also grabs the remote and points at the TV and pushes the buttons. When we say 'O-o' he also says it... although, like with the majority of other things - when he feels like it!It's a bit scary he imitates so many things we do.
He loves apples. I give him the entire apple, with peel and he just munches on it for several minutes. If I cut it in smaller pieces he is not that interested! Kaio ate Daddy's famous Guinness chili today and also enjoyed it.
On Friday it was Kaio's second Halloween and we dressed him up as a little prisoner. He was so adorable, although at the end of the day at nursery there was not much left from his outfit!
Everyone always comments in how Kaio loves other children and specially babies. We had some friends come over with Freya, who is a couple of weeks older then Kaio. He was so sweet and gentle with her. He would laugh when she laughed, he would give her his toys and they would play together. Although she was a bit more 'aggressive' and Kaio was a bit more gentle.