Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kaio has been learning so many things! There are several words he knows the meaning of and even atempts to imitate the sound (bola, flor, boca, nariz, livro, doggy, etc) He has also been trying several facial expressions (blowing bubbles, moving his tongue in his mouth, making kiss movements,etc) and he is very amused when we also do it!
He is taking 10+ steps at a time, however his prefered way of moving is still crawling!
This friday we met up with some of the girls from our antenatal group (3 baby girls and Kaio), besides he being the smallest he is also the loudest in banging things (it's such a boy thing, the girls just kept staring at him) While he is into getting the remote controls, play with the tv, radio, etc the girls were playing with a set of tea pots and dolls! He does seem to be the more agile and the one taking steps. However some of the girls had 12 teeth already while he only has 6!
Here is a pic of Kaio and Vinny (Kaio loves to play with Vinny's toys). He had a bit of a swollen face due to some allergic reaction. We are not sure what it was, but are suspecting strawberries! (which is a shames since he really liked them!)

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