Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy summer

It has been very hectic lately. But we are having a great summer.
A couple of weeks ago, our friend George was in town and that meant some fun days out and about in England. This included a day at the polo game. Kaio LOVED it! All the 'hohies' (=horses) and all the friends and attention. Although, when we approached a horse, Kaio was a bit reluctant in touching him!
The weekend after that we went for a long weekend to Bilbao (Spain) for Jason's birthday. Kaio did really well on the plane and during the entire time in Spain. Since dinner is late there and we were in Bilbao during a fun festival, we ended up putting Kaio to bed at 10:30pm! (we did have nice siestas every day!) He really had fun though. He is running so much and was just sprinting from one place to another all the time! He only panicked a bit when we saw large puppets (3 times the size of normal human beings). Just like with the horses and several other situations, he likes to 'check things out' and feel comfortable with certain situations before 'throwing himself' into the situation. A very 'cautious' boy!
We have been keeping Kaio up later this week to prepare him for our trip to Los Angeles this coming weekend. He seems to react well to it - he is sleeping in a bit later and he takes longer naps after lunch!
Kaio has been so funny, we have had him giggle so much by doing funny things (like putting a nappy on our head or splashing water in our face!) It is a true belly giggle and it is just the most adorable thing to see.
Kaio seems to be missing his Oma. When we were in Bilbao, he picked up the hotel phone and said 'Hi Oma' folllowed by 'Hi Opa'. He also saw a picture of a present and he said "Oma". (since she always brings wrapped presents for him!)
Latest pics:
1) Kaio cooking for Elmo
2) Kaio and daddy at the Polo game
3) Kaio watching the 'hohies'
4) Playing dress up!
5) Kaio is really into going up stairs now that he has mastered it. He went all the way up at the Guggenheim museum.
6) Daddy and Kaio at the Guggenheim museum - we spend 3 hrs in there and Kaio was really interested and well behaved
7) Kaio getting refreshed
8) Kaio still loves his apples!
9) Daddy and Kaio enjoying churros!
10) Daddy and Kaio doing 'tchintchin'
11) These were the "tall people" Kaio was petrified of!
12) Daddy and Kaio having fun
13) Looking at the ducks

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

funny toddler

Kaio is starting to have the typical toddler comments/actions, which are so naive/honest but are just hilarious:
-We were leaving the grocery store and a large lady was coming into the store. We had to make way for her to pass by. Kaio then said 'dandao' (=grandao - very large in portuguese) which we previously were using to describe trucks, airplanes, our feet compared to his feet, etc
- When he sees a bird he says - booby. Sometimes he walks around saying "booby, booby, booby" when birds fly by!
- When we were at a friends barbecue, we were asked how Kaio was reacting to the fact that a new baby is on it's way. I asked Kaio - "where is mommy's baby?" He came over in my direction and pulled up my skirt to show everyone my belly! (and underwear)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Smart boy!

Yesterday was an usually warm day when I picked Kaio up at daycare. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt so I did not want to put his jacket on. However, Kaio really wanted it on. (he is used in always putting on a jacket when we go outside since it is, normally, jacket weather in the UK). After he whined for a while saying 'cacaco' repeatedly (=casaco = jacket in Portuguese), I decided to try to reason with him and got down to his level and showed that I had no jacket on and pointed out several people around us without a jacket. I could see it 'clicked' in his brain and was thinking: 'victory for mommy' (=no jacket, no further whining) however I suddenly saw a spark in his eyes, he pointed and said 'cacaco man, tim'. (jacket, man, yes!) Sure enough he found a man in the crowd that was wearing a casaco to proof his point! He clearly 'won' that one and I put his jacket on.
Today he found my flip flops and I decided to bring out some baby havaianas (brazilian flip flops) who are a bit small and several months ago he was not keen in using. Well, once again, he has changed and absolutely loves them now! It is so adorable seeing Kaio with the little flipflops!!! He only allowed us to take them off for bed time! (we got a flipflops from my dear friend Melissa when I was 8 months pregnant with Kaio)
Baby nbr 2 update: I have been feeling the baby kick for several weeks now, however last week Jason was able to feel it for the first time!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Future careers

Although Kaio is not yet 2 years, it is normal one dreams about his future and what he will be when he grows up!
Here are the careers I have already envisioned for him:
- A veterinarian: he loves animals and imitates their noises. He is always fascinated by the animals in books and on TV.
- A musician: he loves music and seems to have a good rhythm. He also 'sings' and adores music class. When I say we are going to Fruity Tunes (music class) he gets VERY excited! He also still loves his guitar and plays it almost daily (he has had it for more then 5 months and normally toys do not last that long!)
- A cook: he loves seeing us cook and help us. Lately he loves to sit on the counter and look at us mixing spices, chopping vegetables and stirring in the pots. He also started playing with our pot and pans cupboard. He takes everything out and pretends he is cooking. (and let's us taste his 'food')
- A dancer: he drops anything when he hears music and starts dancing. He also asks for us to turn on the radio and loves my ipod!
- A builder: he loves diggers and tractors and is completely fascinated by them.
- A cleaner: he just really continues enjoying the whole cleaning thing and knows where the cleaning materials are and helps me when I am cleaning. (I need to remove him from the house when our cleaner comes! As he wants to help and ends up being in the way)
- A gardener: he really enjoys digging in the plant pots in our garden and at daycare he also goes straight to the plant corner to dig in the sand.
- An athlete: he really likes running, kicking the ball around and swimming. He also has a perfect body shape, lean and muscular!