Friday, July 19, 2013

Mommy's get together

Last weekend I went to San Diego for the weekend to meet with some dear friends from the time we lived in LA. We all have kids (some 2 and some 3) and got together, no kids and no husbands! We had a blast! It was reassuring that we share similar doubts, guilt feelings, joys, worries, challenges, etc
I always thought that the personality depended on being 1st or 2nd child, a boy or girl... But talking to my friends, not so much! Some of them have their eldest son with similar personality trends as Josefine or their youngest daughter being similar to Kaio. Which just reinforces that there is no standard rules about raising kids and you just need to do the best you possibly can at the circumstances you are in! 
We all love our kids dearly and are trying, to our full potential, make them great human beings, but it does not always go perfect and there are lots of challenges, but what is important is ensuring their happiness, building strong ethics and values but certainly, also have fun while making them these awesome people they'll become!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Little lier...

We recently have noticed that Josefine has been telling some minor lies... It's a bit funny but also worrying! It is cute because she is not good at it and it is unexpected to see a 3 1/2year-old making up lies. Last week, when I picked her up at school, I noticed she had shorts on that were not hers. I asked her... She smiled and said she bought them!!! And a big smile! After talking to her a bit more, she revealed she had an accident and they used another's girl spare cloths! She did loose her tv that night for lying! She has lied about having washed her hands before dinner, having finished her lunch (while she had a half full plate), having finished cleaning her room, etc
On the other hand Kaio is very honest. I honestly don't remember the last time he told a lie....
So different......

Thursday, July 04, 2013


Jason has always understood about the rules of sports but has never been the kind if person knowing all the players, playoffs, etc. he never interrupted his day to watch a game...
Last month Kaio and Jason went to a baseball game and we have been making Kaio aware of the different sports in all the countries he had been to. He has really expressed interest in baseball! And had been very aware of the score and really comprehends it! It is cute to see!  We ha e also been practicing baseball with him, watching local teams play, etc and he really enjoys it!