Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And another move...

Last weekend we moved from our flat to Oma and Opa´s house. We will be staying here until our house is ready (Oma and Opa are spending a couple of months in Belgium and allowed us to stay in their house!) The kids are LOVING it! Besides the amount of space, fun toys and diferent activities, they have been sleeping very well. (it is very silent and peaceful!) Josefine is even sleeping from 8 to 8 without waking up for a bottle at 6am. I also think they are sleeping so well because it is starting to cool off and with the warm and cozy PJs grandma brought from the US, they want to spend more time in their bed ;-)
We are also getting excited about our new house, which will have a big garden, play room, both kids have their own big room and lot´s of space! Kaio and I have started doing some fun arts and crafts to decorate the new house! He is really enjoying all the coloring, cutting and planning!
Besides Josefine´s allergy, she is doing really well. She repeats EVERYTHING we say! One of the funiest once is when I catch her making mess (throwing papers on the floor or the contents of her glass of water) I say - JOSEFINE! and she replies "Gunça" (=bagunça =mess) It´s also cute to see Kaio trying to correct her. When she says "mão" (=pão=bread) he says - "filha, é PPPPão" (=daughter, it´s BBBBread)

Monday, May 09, 2011


Kaio had a major linguistic breakthrough! He can now say the F and V. It had become a "joke" with my dad and brother. They would ask if Kaio wanted a fruta (=fruit) and he would say - "sim, quero uma puta" (=hooker) because he couldn´t say the f. After he realized they were joking around, he would say - "sim, quero uma maça". (yes, I would like an apple)
Yesterday he was telling us a story about an "artore" (which should be arvore=tree) and I explained that I understood him but he had to try and say it correctly so other people could understand him. So he tried, tried and tried and he got it! He was so proud of himself that he started saying all the words he knew with F and V. Flor, Feliz, Josefine, vaca, etc and he even started putting Fs and Vs where there weren´t, like VVVVVCOPO (=VVVV"GLASS")