Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We just got back from 2 weeks in the US. We started with a 3 day stay with friends in Houston, followed by 10 days with grandma and grandpa in Colorado. (Overall) both kids did very well! Josefine had a bit of problems adjusting to the various new locations (specially when waking up in the middle of the night and not recognizing the environment), so we had a bit of a regression with her sleeping patterns. She also did not like the commercialized baby food and only when I made baby food from 'scratch' she started eating well again. She continues to develop and progress nicely, she now gets bored in sitting and wants to stand!(she still does need help with it), she also uses two fingers to pick up food (like Cheeros)
Kaio was very amused with all the new experiences (we took him to the aquarium, children museum, zoo, butterfly pavilion, mountains, etc) and had no issues eating (we had lot's of french fries!) nor sleeping (he also napped several times during the day, which was something he hardly ever did in Brazil!). He was still a bit shy at times but was very good in hugging and kissing people he met. (although aunt Carrie had to really work for her one-and-only hug she got!). Kaio was only speaking portuguese when we arrived (however he did understand English) and towards the end he would say sentences with a couple of words in English, like - aquele truck e' big! (that truck is big)
Some fun moments:
- Kaio, Jason and Steve going to get there hair cut together
- Kaio and Grandma playing for several hours together, it was hilarious to hear them 'communicate' - she would guess what he was saying in Portugues and would try to speak spanish to him
- Josefine walking backwards in the walker grandma got her (she did adore it though!)
- Kaio, Jason and Steve went to a baseball game
- Kaio and grandpa playing baseball in the backyard
- Going on a hayride in the mountains and eating marshmellow over a bong fire
- Josefine pulling Vinny's tail and ears just like Kaio did when he was a baby. (and Vinny not complaining about it)
- Going with both kids to the Mile High festival, have a picnic, dance to the songs of Train, Wheezer and Dave Matthews!
- Letting Kaio feed the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain zoo.
- Running a half marathon. Kaio helped me warm up by running next to me before the race started. At the finish line I was embraced by my two kidlets and husband
- Going to the Childrens museum in Houston where both Kaio and Josefine spend hours being entertained!
- Josefine trying all types of 'American' food, including Mc Donald's (a piece of the bun) and Domino's pizza (a piece of the crust) and Ice cream
- Kaio trying to help us with a 500 piece puzzle!
- Taking Kaio to the airplane restaurant and having to explain (several times) that the plane was not going to take off (we explained it did not have a engine, so when we were finally on our way to Brazil he kept saying - this plane has an engine!)