Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shots and Zoo

Kaio had a set of shots on wednesday. (Hib and Meningitis C) Initially he was loving the attention of the nurse, he did not complain when being weighed or measurend, he was okay when we exposed his little thigh for the shot and allowed me to hold him tight. But, ones the needle was in his tigh, he cried and I almost did!!! But he stopped crying after some hugs but he was affraid of the nurse after that and kept trying to hide from her under my arms...On thursday and friday he had a high fever and Jason had to pick him up on friday am from nursery. They had some good daddy and Kaio time. Kaio is still very attached to his 'mommy'. Specially being sick, he kept following me and wanting to be held by me. I really enjoyed it although I was sad to see my little boy sick!
On saturday Kaio seemed to be better, the weather was good and we decided to take Kaio to the Zoo. He was a bit grumpy but he loved the animals. From the aquarium, to the bugs (he kept trying to grab them), the gorillas, butterflies and birds. He did not seem to fear any animal.
He had a small rash on thursday which by saturday had spread to his entire body including his face. Since he had he meningitis vaccine, I was worried and called the Dr. It seems his immunity is just low due to the shots and he is teething again (lot's of drooling and chewing on things). It does not seem to bother him that much, but the rash is all over his little body.
Jason is in Germany for business for a couple of days and last night I thought it would be nice to have Kaio sleep in our big bed with me. He was adorable, next to me, sleeping, but he was tossing and turning and I could not sleep, so after 45 min I put him back in his bed.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Baby steps!!!

Kaio took his first steps yesterday. We were having a pic nic in the park and he stood up by himself (without any support) and after encouraging him a bit, he took 2 steps. Later that afternoon he took 3 more steps and today, throughout the day he stood by himself and took a couple of steps!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Last weekend we went to Barcelona for 4 days! It was GREAT!
I was a bit concerned about the flights but he behaved very well. (he even fell asleep in daddy's arms on the way there)
Barcelona was beautiful and we enjoyed it very much. People were very friendly (Kaio loved their attention), the food was great (Kaio also enjoyed trying different things, including octopus, sardines, olives, meat 'crockets', 'batatas bravas', etc) and Kaio was really well behaved and seemed to have enjoyed it as well!
Kaio slept in a crib in our room and he did fall asleep fairly easily (we had to, momentarily, hide in the bathroom) and sleep until 8ish. However, on the last night he woke up at 4am, saw us sleeping next to him and wanted to play. After he didn't get a reaction out of us, he decided to play by himself. I was cute and funny but we did not want to encourage him and pretended to be asleep!
It was a great trip and the three of us loved hanging out and strolling around the city.
Some pics:
1) Kaio with a mouth full of teeth (6!)
2) Kaio eating calamari with Daddy and asking for more
3) In the marina
4) Mommy and sleepy Kaio in Park Guell
5) Daddy and Kaio enjoying Barcelona together (don't they look identical?!)
6) Mommy and Kaio in the Miro museum
7) Mommy and sleepy Kaio (again) in the castle
8 & 9) Mommy and Kaio (very color coordinated!)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Birthday weekend pictures

1) trying to put the birthday hat on Kaio - no luck!
2) Kaio loving the balloons
3) Ana Julia is demonstrating how to play properly
4) Tante Karo, mommy, Ana Julia and Kaio getting ready for the cake
5) Birthday cake!
6) Chocolate all over!
7) Bath with Lucas and Ana Julia
8) after the bath with the cousins
1) With Oma, tante Karo, Ana Julia and Lucas at the London Eye
2) Swings!!!
3) He loved the aquarium
4) After the cousins left - chilling with daddy in the garden
5) Reading the book to Oma
1) Kaio opening gifts
2) Kaio loves to point at everything
3) Mommy point out the yummy cakes
4) Oma and Kaio
5) Mommy, daddy and Kaio
6) Kaio and some 'buddies' hanging out! (Oliver and Victor)
7) Kaio and some buddies playing
8) Kaio following Freya
9) Kaio eating some negrinho!