Friday, September 27, 2013

Kaio - 6 years of amzingness!!!

6 years ago my life changed. I became more responsible, happy and complete. I understood the real meaning of Love and life, I became more patient, learned to (admire a sleeping baby and my personality softened. I learned a whole new level of happiness, admiration and sleep deprivation. I learned to sing lullabies and play silly. I became more protective, more loving and comprehended the amazingness of giving birth to a child. Most importantly, I became a better person! Thank you Kaio for making me a better person and for being such an amazing son! (The pic above is with his new Pet, a tortoise!  Poor guy has a swollen ele due to a bug bite...)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Birthday party!

We celebrated Kaio's birthday this weekend. He opted for the ninja turtle theme and we were able to find so many items. His favourite, a ninja turtle piƱata!!! Which the kids really enjoyed. We had several friends and family over and had a wonderful day by the pool. We had a special, personalized cake for him and sang happy birthday in English and Portuguese! His actual birthday is on Thursday and both Jason and I are taking the day off the celebrate this special day with an amazing 6 year old!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

New schools

As we will move soon to our new home, the kids changed schools! Kaio started kindergarten again and is at Aspen Creek. After morning class he gets the bus to the school where Josefine is for kindergarten enrichment. The are both really enjoying the new school and excited to go.
Yesterday we completed 6 months in the US. Yesterday was also the first day of remodeling the house, starting with taking a huge wall down. I feel we are settling in and finally building a home and a place we consider home!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stubborn girl

Josefine is stubborn! I guess she is a mini me and my mom said I acted very similar to her when young. The other day we were at a play park and she was playing against the 'flow' of the other kids. (A snake which was being used as a slide, but Josefine sat a the bottom, so nobody else could go down). Most kids just have up after waiting a while for her to move... However there was a older girl that also seemed strong minded and sat at the top for a while... Both kids stared at each other until, suddenly, Josefine gave in an ran away.