Monday, December 09, 2013

Happy birthday Josefine!

4 years ago my life changed immensely! I became the mother of a beautiful little baby girl. Josefine was 5 days late and I was eager to hold her in my arms. She completed our family. Kaio was a very proud big brother from day one, Jason got his little girl and I became the proud mother of 2!
Josefine has become such an amazing, smart, caring, determined, sweet and clever girl. She is eager to learn and opinionated - she knows what she wants and what she does not want. She is very spontaneous with loving words, hugs and kisses. She loves to play with her brother and they can spend hours reading or playing together. The can also bicker and argue when they are moody... (They are kids after all)
She knows all her capital and lower case letters and is attempting to read. With some help she can count until 100, she has learned English and repeats words in portugues. She loves to come and snuggle in bed early in the morning (she is a morning person!!) She wants to dress herself and choose her own cloths. She is a leader in her class and teachers often comment in how she is obedient, sweet and smart!