Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brother Love

So the kids have been bickering more lately .... Sometimes silly things like which lego person will be the daddy of their family. However the days that one of them stays Home and the other one goes to school, the one that stays with me keeps asking when we are going to pick the other one up. They miss each other!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4 day weekend

 Over the years we have definitely noticed that Josefine has a very strong personality, she is also very loving and sweet, but very strong minded (like her mom...), we often have to 'protect' Kaio from her stuborness. Kaio used to be very patient and understanding of his sister, but we seem to have gotten to a limit. He just is tired of always beeing so sweet and carigng and has become a bit frustrated with her. Most of the time they are great playing together, however, we have Had do interfer in more 'misunderstandigs' recently. (Good for him!)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Morning people

I have always been known as a morning person and Jason more an evening person (so, not a morning person, although he has gotten much better over the years). Seeing our kids grow up it is fun to see how they evolve.... Josefine is definitely a morning person and wakes up wanting to play, put her cloths on and start the day. Kaio, on the other hand, needs his time to wake up. He wants to cuddle a bit, stay in his pj and start the day slower.... Although, once he gets going he is 100mph!!

Hiking in the mountains

We went to Estes Park in the Rocky Mountain National Park. How much fun! We met with some great friends whom the kids adore, Scott and Missy. The kids loved all the outdoors fun and loved seeing wildlife (elk, deer, sheep, birds), exploring footprints, the different plants and just simply throwing stones around. We also went to a waterfall and they enjoyed hiking around, playing in the water and having fun! We are definitely ready for some real camping soon! We bought the annual pass to the Rocky Mountain National Park so we can come back several times this year (it's only 1hr from where we live)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sleeping habits

It's 22:30 and the kids go to bed at 20:00... they are so easy going at bed time. We have a routine which we have been doing for years and it is dinner, bath, TV and bed. It works really well and by the time they go to bed, we kiss and hug, tuck in and a song (twinkle twinkle little star, ABC, itsy bitsy spider, etc), turn off the lights, "Sleepwell... I LOVE YOU" and close the door. Sometimes, at around 21:30 Kaio comes out, very disoriented, without many words, hugs me and goes back to bed (this takes 1 - 2 mins). It seems like a sleepwalking and he does not remember it the next day. Josefine has always drank a lot of water and she often comes out at around 22:00 for a glass of water. She downs a cup and goes back to bed.
Kaio sleeps with Eeyor, who he got when I was pregnant and is just absolutely attached to him. He looks for him when he is sad, but mainly sleeps with him. Josefine has not been very attached to any of her many teddy bears she has received over the years. She always takes 2 or 3 to bed but is not attached to any of them. It is cute to see her arrange them nicely around her.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It has been more then 2 months since I last posted. Oops! As always, it has been so busy!! Specially adapting to our new home, Colorado.... There have been many occasion I thought about posting events on the blog, but then time just would get the best of me. So, instead of writing long and very sporadic posts I have decided to write snippets and post photos randomly. I am hopeful this will make the blog a bit more active!
Snippet 1:
So today, for dinner the kids wanted corn dogs. To make it a bit more of a balanced meal I made a nice cucumber, tomato and manchego cheese salad with some olive oil. Both kids finished their plate in minutes, when asked if they wanted to repeat anything, Kaio asked for more salad and Josefine for more corn dog. (Kaio did not want more corn dog and Josefine struggled to finish her first salad) They are very different in their food taste!