Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sleeping habits

It's 22:30 and the kids go to bed at 20:00... they are so easy going at bed time. We have a routine which we have been doing for years and it is dinner, bath, TV and bed. It works really well and by the time they go to bed, we kiss and hug, tuck in and a song (twinkle twinkle little star, ABC, itsy bitsy spider, etc), turn off the lights, "Sleepwell... I LOVE YOU" and close the door. Sometimes, at around 21:30 Kaio comes out, very disoriented, without many words, hugs me and goes back to bed (this takes 1 - 2 mins). It seems like a sleepwalking and he does not remember it the next day. Josefine has always drank a lot of water and she often comes out at around 22:00 for a glass of water. She downs a cup and goes back to bed.
Kaio sleeps with Eeyor, who he got when I was pregnant and is just absolutely attached to him. He looks for him when he is sad, but mainly sleeps with him. Josefine has not been very attached to any of her many teddy bears she has received over the years. She always takes 2 or 3 to bed but is not attached to any of them. It is cute to see her arrange them nicely around her.

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