Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun weekend!

Stressful moment:
On friday I took Kaio to a local park. There is a whole area for children, which was very busy since it was a beautiful, sunny day. Kaio was one of the smallest but not intimidated by anyone. He was loving all the different toys and very brave/daring! At one point a 3 year old pushed him from a 1 meter high platform (completely unprovoked!) and Kaio fell head first down. My heart stopped for a split second until I heard him scream (which was a good sign). His face was covered in mud and with a bit of blood. After comforting him a bit we went back to the toy so he would not become fearful. He did great and after 5 minutes he was already running around and playing again! It made me realize how fast things can happen but also how strong my little boy is.
Fun outing:
On saturday (another beautiful day) we went to the Battersea Park zoo. Kaio LOVED it! He really enjoyed looking at all the animals and tried to imitate their sounds. He was a bit reluctant to touch the goats. However after he saw another child petting it, he also tried. He really enjoyed the bunnies, monkeys, birds, meerkats and goats. He had so much fun running around that he slept the whole way back home.
Smart toddler:
Kaio had been saying a couple of words (boo=book, do = dog, mmm = milk, etc) but this past week he really started trying to repeat the words we say. He is doing great. He says 'sees' = cheese, 'tototo' = potato, "papapa" = sapato, etc. He is getting really good in noticing the amount of syllables we say and follows with the same amount.
Cute little guy:
On sunday we had a barbeque at a friends house. There was a 13month old and Kaio played very nicely with the baby and behaved really well. He kept himself entertained and entertained everyone else with his cute way. He loves 'jumping' when being held by us, but now he started 'jumping' by himself. He flexes his knees and 'jumps' up, without getting off the floor but he says 'puaa' (=pula - jump in Portuguese)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


More pictures of our beautiful, funny, sweet and smart toddler:

1) Happy it is 'sleepy' time - carrying his favorite sleeping buddy (donkey)

2) We are still working on getting him to sit more then 5 seconds on his potty (which is a progress from 3 weeks ago when he would not go near it!)

3) On his bike with crazy hair

4) 7 am - good morning!!!! (you can clearly see his 'smaller' right eye - inherited from daddy!)

Monday, February 16, 2009


Some pics of the weekend:
- Kaio allowing a hat on his head to look 'cool' (he has always thrown the hats off instantly)
- At the Clapham Fair which we visited this weekend. He really liked it but was a bit hesitant to try the flashy rides and all the different shapes, sounds and vibration of the place. On our way home he was babbling away about his trip to the fair:
- with mommy, asking for 'help' (his hands together and moving it up and down) to get out of the fast pace spinning tea cups.
- with daddy after he refused to enter a baby roller coaster
- with mommy in the 'tchu tchu' train - he seemed tense, but loved it
- 'king' of the train

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Kaio has been enjoying the 'peek-a-boo' game. He puts one hand over each of his eyes, leaves them there for anything between 2 to 30 secs! And then he uncovers his eyes with a huge smile. He also loves to cover our eyes with his hands.
Yesterday we were having lunch in a restaurant. After he had finished his meal, he was ready to go outside and play. I kept telling him that it was too cold to go outside. So, smart little guy, grabbed his jacket and gave it to me to put it on him so he could go and run outside.
He sometimes 'hits/smacks' us unintentionally, however, we make it clear that it is not acceptable. ("Kaio needs to be gentle") Yesterday he hit me while in the midst of very exciting playing. I looked at him upset and instantly he hugged me - his way of apologizing!
He has been sweet to Vinny, he goes to him and shows him toys or gets close to him and smiles and 'babbles'. Kaio is getting much better in repeating syllables. When we say 'boat' he says 'boa', 'toy' is 'to', 'doggy' is 'do', etc
Jason has been playing guitar for Kaio and both love it! Kaio starts dancing (without being told to do so, he automatically started dancing) Kaio loves when we dance with him to any song but he also does a great job in dancing alone.
Monday he is officially moving to the Toddler 1 room at daycare. He is more then ready to do more 'grown up' activities and be with the bigger kids. He has gone through a growth spurt the last weeks. We can notice it on his cloths!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More teeth ?!

This past week Kaio had a very bad rash again. Tiny red spots all over his body. He also has been waking up randomly during the night (he cries for 2 secs and then falls back asleep) and on monday he had fever. He also has been very clingy... on mommy (who is travelling 3 days this week!) We are hoping this is indeed some teeth coming through!
Over the weekend we met up with some friends. Kaio was adorable. He, initially, was a bit 'fun' shy but after a couple of minutes he was showing of and constantly looking at our friends to see if they were looking.
Kaio is really exploring diferent ways of making us laugh. He does diferent things (throws himself on the floor, throws a toy, bounces of the sofa, puts a toy in his mouth, screams) to see if we laugh. He always laugh first, hoping we will will follow. 99% of the time we do!
He started doing this cute thing where he waves and says 'bye bye' when he leaves a room or wants to go. The intonation of his voice is priceless.
He is very much into feeding himself. Some days he won't eat unless he is in full control of the spoon! Mr. independent!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More pics of our cozy 'snowed in' day!

Yesterday London stopped due to 8in of snow!! It was fantastic! We spend the day together and had a great day hang out and enjoying the fact we were 'snowed in'. Some pics:
1) Jason adventuring outside to get some rosemary for our hearty soup
2) Kaio staring outside the window at Vinny (Kaio does need a hair cut!)
3) Mommy and Kaio adventure outside
4) Kaio all by himself in the snow
5) Mommy had the great idea to do some finger painting with Kaio. Now I understand why Kaio always comes home so messy from daycare!
6) "Where is all the paint gone?" (uh - on your face, cloths, mommy's face and cloths and floor!)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow day!

This morning we awoke to 6 to 8+ inches of snow! The BBC has claimed that this is "the worst winter storm in 18 years". Airports are closed. There are no buses operating in London. Several of the train lines are closed. And most of the Tube lines are shut down or operating with severe delays. Getting to work was going to be hell!
But the good news is that both of our offices are shut! So no worries there! And Kaio's nursery is open, but there's no reason to take him there!
So today we're all hanging out at home, cooking a nice barley soup for lunch.
We've also updated our pictures and added these pictures from our trip to Brasil over the holidays. Enjoy!
Vinny LOVED the snow; it was up to his chest and he kept hopping around like a little crazy doggy. Few pictures from this morning from our neighborhood, and a pic of Kaio having fun (this is a toy that he got from Oma for Christmas and he now uses the storage compartment, very creatively - as a seat ):

Sunday, February 01, 2009

6 Year anniversary!

Last weekend, Jason and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary! As we look back we realize that we have been busy but very fortunate to have had such an amazing 6 years together.
So many things have changed from those first years of marriage: besides living in a much colder place nowadays... we now have our little guy, Mr. Kaio! Besides being an amazing toddler, he has made our marriage stronger and happier! (as you can see in the picture below)
Kaio is doing really well. He is running around and is so easy going.
Next week, at daycare, he will be transitioning to another 'classroom' - toddler 1. The transition is going a bit slower then normal since Kaio and his carer are very attached. He is also very close to a couple of babies, but he is ready for the bigger room.
Kaio has started to show a bit more jealousy towards me. When I go and pick him up, one of the other babies always comes to give me a hug and in the last couple of days Kaio has come running to push him away and be in my arms.
On Friday we had 5 of the prenatal class babies (+moms) at our place for tea. It was cute to see them all play together. Kaio had a great time and really enjoyed playing with them. Some of the babies are not as social and shied away or just looked while the others played. Kaio and Izzy (she goes to the same daycare) were running around and playing. Oli (one of the other boys) behaved just like Kaio! Playing with Vinny's toys, going in the cupboards to get pots and pans, playing with the stereo, etc (the 'boys' of the group)
Yesterday we went to Evan's first bday. When we got there Kaio was a bit shy (there were 5 babies + parents) but at the end he was running around and being cute and funny! (and was even tackling the birthday boy over some toys). He was so sweet with a 7 month old baby girl. He got to her level (= on the floor) and hugged her, made cute faces and kissed her several times. It was so adorable!!!!