Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun weekend!

Stressful moment:
On friday I took Kaio to a local park. There is a whole area for children, which was very busy since it was a beautiful, sunny day. Kaio was one of the smallest but not intimidated by anyone. He was loving all the different toys and very brave/daring! At one point a 3 year old pushed him from a 1 meter high platform (completely unprovoked!) and Kaio fell head first down. My heart stopped for a split second until I heard him scream (which was a good sign). His face was covered in mud and with a bit of blood. After comforting him a bit we went back to the toy so he would not become fearful. He did great and after 5 minutes he was already running around and playing again! It made me realize how fast things can happen but also how strong my little boy is.
Fun outing:
On saturday (another beautiful day) we went to the Battersea Park zoo. Kaio LOVED it! He really enjoyed looking at all the animals and tried to imitate their sounds. He was a bit reluctant to touch the goats. However after he saw another child petting it, he also tried. He really enjoyed the bunnies, monkeys, birds, meerkats and goats. He had so much fun running around that he slept the whole way back home.
Smart toddler:
Kaio had been saying a couple of words (boo=book, do = dog, mmm = milk, etc) but this past week he really started trying to repeat the words we say. He is doing great. He says 'sees' = cheese, 'tototo' = potato, "papapa" = sapato, etc. He is getting really good in noticing the amount of syllables we say and follows with the same amount.
Cute little guy:
On sunday we had a barbeque at a friends house. There was a 13month old and Kaio played very nicely with the baby and behaved really well. He kept himself entertained and entertained everyone else with his cute way. He loves 'jumping' when being held by us, but now he started 'jumping' by himself. He flexes his knees and 'jumps' up, without getting off the floor but he says 'puaa' (=pula - jump in Portuguese)

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