Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More pics of our cozy 'snowed in' day!

Yesterday London stopped due to 8in of snow!! It was fantastic! We spend the day together and had a great day hang out and enjoying the fact we were 'snowed in'. Some pics:
1) Jason adventuring outside to get some rosemary for our hearty soup
2) Kaio staring outside the window at Vinny (Kaio does need a hair cut!)
3) Mommy and Kaio adventure outside
4) Kaio all by himself in the snow
5) Mommy had the great idea to do some finger painting with Kaio. Now I understand why Kaio always comes home so messy from daycare!
6) "Where is all the paint gone?" (uh - on your face, cloths, mommy's face and cloths and floor!)

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