Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow day!

This morning we awoke to 6 to 8+ inches of snow! The BBC has claimed that this is "the worst winter storm in 18 years". Airports are closed. There are no buses operating in London. Several of the train lines are closed. And most of the Tube lines are shut down or operating with severe delays. Getting to work was going to be hell!
But the good news is that both of our offices are shut! So no worries there! And Kaio's nursery is open, but there's no reason to take him there!
So today we're all hanging out at home, cooking a nice barley soup for lunch.
We've also updated our pictures and added these pictures from our trip to Brasil over the holidays. Enjoy!
Vinny LOVED the snow; it was up to his chest and he kept hopping around like a little crazy doggy. Few pictures from this morning from our neighborhood, and a pic of Kaio having fun (this is a toy that he got from Oma for Christmas and he now uses the storage compartment, very creatively - as a seat ):

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