Sunday, February 01, 2009

6 Year anniversary!

Last weekend, Jason and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary! As we look back we realize that we have been busy but very fortunate to have had such an amazing 6 years together.
So many things have changed from those first years of marriage: besides living in a much colder place nowadays... we now have our little guy, Mr. Kaio! Besides being an amazing toddler, he has made our marriage stronger and happier! (as you can see in the picture below)
Kaio is doing really well. He is running around and is so easy going.
Next week, at daycare, he will be transitioning to another 'classroom' - toddler 1. The transition is going a bit slower then normal since Kaio and his carer are very attached. He is also very close to a couple of babies, but he is ready for the bigger room.
Kaio has started to show a bit more jealousy towards me. When I go and pick him up, one of the other babies always comes to give me a hug and in the last couple of days Kaio has come running to push him away and be in my arms.
On Friday we had 5 of the prenatal class babies (+moms) at our place for tea. It was cute to see them all play together. Kaio had a great time and really enjoyed playing with them. Some of the babies are not as social and shied away or just looked while the others played. Kaio and Izzy (she goes to the same daycare) were running around and playing. Oli (one of the other boys) behaved just like Kaio! Playing with Vinny's toys, going in the cupboards to get pots and pans, playing with the stereo, etc (the 'boys' of the group)
Yesterday we went to Evan's first bday. When we got there Kaio was a bit shy (there were 5 babies + parents) but at the end he was running around and being cute and funny! (and was even tackling the birthday boy over some toys). He was so sweet with a 7 month old baby girl. He got to her level (= on the floor) and hugged her, made cute faces and kissed her several times. It was so adorable!!!!

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