Monday, March 26, 2012

Professional Pics

This year we went to take some more professional pictures and they turned out great. The first set can be seen in the previous posts and here are some more:

E aí....

Josefine is already 2 years and 4 months. As mentioned before, she imitates her brother in a lot of activities, however there are 2 she does exclusively.
1) She loves to put her dolls in their crib or on a blanket and tap their back and sign them songs to put them to sleep. She imitates how her carers put her classmates to sleep.
2) The other thing she has started doing a lot it grabbing a book and, instead of reading it silently, she turns it to "people" (=dolls, Kaio, us) and starts telling us the story. "E aí... o que que aconteceu?" (and then.. what happened?) she looks around, widens her eyes, expecting a response..... It clearly seems she is also imitating the way her teacher reads to them at school. It really is adorable!
This weekend we moved Josefine into "a big girl bed". Now she can go in and out her bed. So far it has been great and in the morning she comes out of her room and looks for us. Keeping my fingers crossed she continues accepting the bed well.
Josefine talks very well. She forms perfect sentences, conjugating verbs perfectly and using adjectives and prepositions correctly. She also counts till 10 in English and Português.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how Kaio would say I am "maravilhosa" (marvelous) and how Josefine did not want to be maravilhosa... well, after more then a month of Kaio saying daily I am marvelous, he came home one day after spending the night at Oma´s and he told me he also said Oma was maravilhosa and that she liked it very much! As always, I said it was very sweet and that he was also marvelous. After a couple of seconds he turns to me and asks - "o que é maravilhosa?" (what is marvelous?) I had to laugh but also thought it was adorable that he had been saying this for weeks and did not really know what it meant, however he saw it made me happy and I liked it, so he kept saying it! He is such a sweet boy!