Friday, May 30, 2008

Skinny, but on track, baby

We had the 8 month check up today. Since his last check up, 2 months ago, Kaio has grown 5 cm (putting him on the 25ht percentile for height) but he has not put on any weight (he is still at 7.3kg and at the 2 percentile for weight). This concerned me, but the health advisor guaranteed he was doing great! She observed him play, role, grab, scoot and 'speak', she asked about his eating habits and said he was totally on track with all the developmental milestones and will probably just be a skinny baby.
Kaio has been adorable and so close to crawling... his preferred way of sleeping is on his tummy with his (cute) butt in the air!!! I had a hard time picking the cutest pic:

Jason comes back tomorrow! We both miss him very much and can't wait to play Kaio's favourite game ('GRRRRRR')

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Los Angeles

Last week we went to Los Angeles. Jason had to be there for work and I had to go to the US because of my greencard requirements (same old story...). It was great and we enjoyed the mini break!!!!!
Kaio adjusted really well with the time zone difference of 8hrs. While in LA, he was waking up at5ish, which is pretty good taking in consideration the big time difference. This early start allowed us to enjoy more of each day (always trying to look on the positive side of things...).
The first two nights we stayed with Kim, Tom and Ava. Ava is 15 months and was very sweet with 'the baby', Kaio played with her toys and she was very nice in sharing everything with him. Kim has tons of baby experience and it was great to exchange ideas.
The other two nights we stayed at a hotel, which also worked out nicely since it was closer to LA.
We were able to catch up with several friends, do some shopping, eat tons of Mexican food and relax a bit! Kaio was very well behaved and we got so many compliments in how gorgeous, sweet, smiley and well behaved he is (Lot's of 'big eyes' comments....)
On Friday we went to the Bris (the Jewish circumcision ceremony) of Nathanial - Justin and Sam's 8day old baby. Looking at little Nate made me remember how Kaio used to be... so tiny!
Kaio did really well on both flights, although the flight back was a bit more of a challenge since I was by myself and the baby crib the airline provided didn't allow Kaio to roll on his belly (which is now his preferred way of sleeping) so, he slept on me throughout the flight.
While in LA we fed him jars of baby food. He was not a big fan, he clearly prefers the food I make for him. Although he did not eat that much of the savoury, anything sweet he would eat with no problem. He is now eating cookies, pieces of bread, cheese, fruit, etc... it's cute to see him eat food we share with him! He is getting really good in using his fingers to grab food and put it in his mouth.
Last night (our first night back in London) Kaio went to bed at 8pm and woke at midnight. I then brought him in bed with me, and we slept until 8:30am!!!! (I actually had to wake him up) It was the first time he slept with me in the 'big' bed and it was nice. I just need to make sure not to make it a habit!
Kaio is very close to crawling. He is on all fours and rocks back and forth! He scoots around and gets to the toys he wants easily!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Some pictures taken this weekend:
1) Pretty boy! (big eyes!!!!!)
2) Smiley baby - if you look well you can see the two little teeth!
3) on the floor, playing, trying to crawl.... (mommy on her belly, on the floor taking pictures of him!)
4) Doing push ups!
5) Kaio was kicking and Vinny insisted in laying at his feet - he got kicked a couple of times but was a good sport and just took it on - the worst is yet to come for Vinny!!!
6) He loves to bang his hand or toys on anything! Here he was banging and playing with a box of formula!

boys - home alone!

This week I went on a overnight business trip for the first time. Daddy, Kaio and Vinny were home 'alone'. Jason did very well, eventhough he was also sick (he got the same antibiotics as Kaio is taking) During Kaio's dinner, Jason called me and put me on speaker phone. Kaio looked around trying to find me! He then bursted into a cry when he realized I was not there. He was tired, but it was cute. The next day, when I went to pick him up at daycare, he seemed extra happy to see me. I definitely missed all of my boys!
We have had several people saying Kaio has big eyes. And he really does... he needs them to see everything and everyone.
He is very close to crawling. We got on the floor with him this weekend and put some of his toys out of reach, he lifted his arms and put his legs under his body. He easily turns 360degrees to reach things, turns around and back in any direction.
His two little teeth are adorable and starting to show when he smiles!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


On Monday Kaio came home from daycare with a slight fever. He did not seem to have any other symptoms - he was eating well, was smiley, he just needed to be held and cuddled. We gave him some paracetamol and put him in bed at 7pm. I went to bed at 9pm expecting it to be a long night! I was surprised to wake up at 7am and Kaio was just waking up!!!! On tuesday he had 39C fever at daycare and I took him to the Dr. After examining him, she prescribed some antibiotics since his chest seemed a bit congested (he has been coughing for a couple of weeks now) and his ears and throat were a bit red. She also prescribed a mouth nebulizer.
He was such a trooper while we gave him:
- 1 spoon of vitamins (which we give every day)
- 1 spoon of antibiotics
- 2 puffs in a nebulizer (he giggled when we put the mouth piece over his mouth!!!)
Today, wednesday, he is much better and back to his old self!
Kaio has indeed picked up several 'bugs' at daycare, but the good thing is that he is building his immunity and he seems to get over his illnesses fairly quick!!! He is such a great baby!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today we went swimming with Kaio. He had put his feet in the pool in Brazil, but this time we took him to the indoor pool at my gym. He LOVED it!!!
He had no fear of the water and was very interested in everything around him. He was smiling and enjoy the water. He first did not move much (just looking around) and we held him tight. But after a couple of minutes he was splashing with his feet and hands. We used one of those 'water spaghetti's' to keep him afloat and he did not mind. When he was turning into a raisin (after 45min) we took him out! Afterwards we went to have lunch and he was really hungry and after his lunch he took a long nap!
It has been very warm in the UK and it is nice to have Kaio in his t-shirt and shorts again!
This weekend I started 'rearranging' our furniture to give more space to Kaio when he starts crawling (he has been lifting his bum and tucking his legs under his body and doing 'mini' push-ups with his arms -which indicates he is getting ready!) We also need to start baby proofing our house!!! So much to do and think about!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Picture of the weekend

We had a very sunny and nice weekend, below are some pics:
1) Daddy and Kaio at the County fair at the Hop Farm. Kaio is wearing his jacket to protect him from the sun!!!
2) Mommy and Kaio with his new hat!
3) Mommy and Kaio at Battersea park. Happy baby and mommy!
4) Kaio sitting on the pic nic blanket checking out what we have for lunch!
5) Happy and beautiful baby... Vinny is in the back
6) Silly face - he was starting to say - mamamama

Sunday, May 04, 2008

They finally arrive!!!

His teeth that is! Kaio has been drooling since he was 3 months, he has been chewing on everything and everyone, he has had nappy rash and hurt his ears (from scratching) and now we can see the little white tooth!
Yesterday I looked at his mouth and his lower front gums were really red and they looked a bit whitish (I thought it was infected) but this morning I can definitely feel the little tooth!!!! I can't wait to see those two front teeth sticking out when he smiles!
We went to a county fair yesterday and Kaio had fun looking at the dog agility, horse jumping, balloons, tanks and a beautiful day in the open air! (as did we) He followed the running dogs and horses and was very attentive to everything around him! We can't wait for him to be running around and playing with balloons, the other children, jumping on the inflatable castle, etc. Although we enjoy the 'control' we currently have since he is not mobile yet
Kaio has been saying 'mamamamamam' and 'dadadadada' a lot. I don't think he really associates it with us but it is cute!