Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer weekend

We have found a new house! We spend 2 weeks looking at several types of places (all within the same neighborhood we currently are) and found a lovely 2 bedroom ground floor flat. It is bright and has a open plan kitchen/living/dining room and leads to a nice garden. The bedrooms are of great size (Kaio will get to have his own little patio). It's on a nice, quiet street off Northcote Road (a street full of restaurants and stores). We move in 3 weeks.
I am going to change jobs in a couple of weeks. It is a great career opportunity for me, but I am also aware it might require more of my time (=less time with Kaio). But Jason and I will make it work. The plan is still that Jason takes Kaio to daycare in the mornings and I will pick him up in the afternoon.
Here are some recent pictures:
1) "I am bit upset, but I'll look cute for the camera..."
2) I turned my back for 1/2second and he burst into a cry, thinking I was leaving him behind. Still love that cute pouty lip!
3) We have bee trying to get a pictures of Kaio's smile to show off his 4 teeth together. No luck so far, but here you can see how big his bottom teeth are and... Ho adorable he is!
4) Daddy blowing in Kaio's face and Kaio not really knowing what to do with it....
5) He loves playing with the vacuum cleaner extension...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Little teeth!

Both Kaio and I have recovered from last week's cold! We are both sleeping much better. (and, consequently, Jason too!)
Kaio has started to get into the habit of biting, and since he has 4 teeth, it really hurts and leaves a nice mark. He is smart enough not to bite himself but tries to get my fingers in his mouth. I have to really force myself not to laugh (since it is darn cute!) but he is starting to get the fact that when we laugh he does 'good' things and repeats them!
He is starting to have 'separation anxiety' when we drop him off at daycare. When we get to daycare he is all happy and smiles at everyone, but once I sit him down and leave the room he bursts into a cry. Most of the time he stops after a couple of seconds and is easily distracted by a toy. He continues to react very adorable when I go and pick him up at the end of the day: He sees me, opens a big smile and start crawling in my direction. Once I pick him up, he hugs and kisses me. (with his mouth open - so I get all slobbered on! I love it though!)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Kaio is now pulling himself up on anything and standing with one hand. He does not seem to have any fear and will have to learn some lessons the 'hard' way. But he has been able to go from standing to sitting a couple of times also.
Today we met up for lunch with a friend who has 6 month old Evan. Evan is 22lbs! He is a nice chubby baby. Kaio is tiny compared to him. He is 4 lbs lighter then Evan but 4 months older!!!
Some pics of the weekend:
1) Kaio still has the big eyes.... and always a smile for the camera.
2) He loves to stand next to his bouncy chair and play with the toys (it seems not that long ago, he was this tiny baby, loving the vibration of the bouncy chair)
3) My beautiful sleeping baby!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First 'fight'

Kaio had his first 'fight' at daycare. I went to pick him up and I was warned that 'it looks worse then it actually is'... He had a bite on his cheek!!!! Kaio is very independent and he is content in playing by himself, which he was doing this particular day. The carers were busy with the crying babies... an older baby (1 -2 yrs) wanted Kaio's toy and tried to grab it from him. Stubborn little guy didn't want to hand over the toy, which made the other baby angry and resulted in him biting Kaio.
Kaio has been pulling himself up on furniture and bigger toys. He also stands up easily in his play pen. He still falls once in a while and luckily he wears a diaper!
1) Standing in the playpen but very interested in a toy
2) I am going for the toy...
3) Bite mark on his cheek
4) Kaio and Vinny...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Moving, moving...

Kaio is all over the place now... and he is going so fast. He is also having to learn (sometimes the hard way) that you can fall and hurt yourself. This morning he climbed on a cardboard box and was happy to have 'conquered' it. We applauded and encouraged him, although, my first reaction was to take the box away since he might hurt himself, but I also know that he needs to learn and experience things! After we continued getting ready for work, we suddenly heard a 'boom' and Kaio crying... as I had predicted, he did hurt himself. He fell from the box and hit is head on the gate. But after holding him tight and distracting him, he stopped crying. (so, nothing too serious)
I have noticed that he crawls to things he wants to play with and he seems to know when it is not his toy, because he looks at me and seeks my approval. If it's okay for him to play with it, I smile and he smiles back and continues playing. When I look at him seriously and say -'it not a babies toy' he looks seriously back at me and seems to expect for me to take it away from him (he holds on to it very tightly or he puts it in his mouth)
The other day, Kaio had his first scrambled eggs for breakfast. He first was a bit surprised in getting something savory for breakfast (Normally he has fruit, cereal and milk) but then he ate the whole thing!
We have this new routine in the morning - Kaio wakes up, I go and get him and the three of us 'play' together in our bed. He seems to love to hug and play with us and is in a great mood. It's an amazing way to start our day!

Monday, July 07, 2008


Jason had some time this weekend and was able to put the following video together:

first attempts at crawling

It's absolutely adorable to see how he has mastered crawling in a couple of weeks. He is also pulling himself up on furniture to stand and with support, he takes a couple of steps!
Kaio tried scrambled eggs for the first time this morning. Initially he looked puzzled having a savory meal for breakfast (normally he gets cereal with fruit) but then he ate everything!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fun Summer activities...

Yesterday we met up with some of the girls from our antenatal group. It's amazing to see the babies grow up together. It's also interesting to see how different they are. Kaio is one of the few that are crawling, but then some of the other ones are clapping their hands, waving, etc. We laid down some blankets and sat in the garden with some nice strawberries and cherries. The babies loved munching on all of them. It's cute to see them play/interact. It's easy for Kaio because he can crawl to any toy he wants (even when it is in another baby's hand! Which did not amuse one of the girls, who pulled his hair... I guess he will have to learn it the hard way ;-))
Today Kaio and I went swimming at my gym. He loved it! We spend 45 min in the pool. We practiced 'jumping' in the pool, swimming on his belly and on his back and I also dipped his entire face under water. He was very shocked with this last one, but after spitting out some water he was all smiles again! He really seems to enjoy it and I want him to get used to swimming pools for when we go to Brazil at the end of the year!
Kaio seems to be putting on some weight and he has some nice round cheeks! He has been eating really well! Let's hope he keeps it up.