Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fun Summer activities...

Yesterday we met up with some of the girls from our antenatal group. It's amazing to see the babies grow up together. It's also interesting to see how different they are. Kaio is one of the few that are crawling, but then some of the other ones are clapping their hands, waving, etc. We laid down some blankets and sat in the garden with some nice strawberries and cherries. The babies loved munching on all of them. It's cute to see them play/interact. It's easy for Kaio because he can crawl to any toy he wants (even when it is in another baby's hand! Which did not amuse one of the girls, who pulled his hair... I guess he will have to learn it the hard way ;-))
Today Kaio and I went swimming at my gym. He loved it! We spend 45 min in the pool. We practiced 'jumping' in the pool, swimming on his belly and on his back and I also dipped his entire face under water. He was very shocked with this last one, but after spitting out some water he was all smiles again! He really seems to enjoy it and I want him to get used to swimming pools for when we go to Brazil at the end of the year!
Kaio seems to be putting on some weight and he has some nice round cheeks! He has been eating really well! Let's hope he keeps it up.

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