Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oma in town

Oma arrived on Thursday evening and will stay a whole week with us!
Kaio recognized her instantly when she arrived and it did not take a lot of time for him to follow her around everywhere! Oma loves to play with Kaio and he really enjoys the fact that she is keen to play and do anything.
We have done a lot of shopping - Oma is always so generous - we bought a little table + matching chairs and a set of toddler pots and pans. Kaio LOVES it!
Jason and I are both travelling (separately) on business trips tomorrow (monday) and Kaio is staying with Oma until wednesday. They will have so much fun together!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Kaio is doing this adorable thing! When we kiss him in the neck or tickle him and he is a bit annoyed (in a playful way) he says 'dadiiiiiiii', independent of who does it. I think it comes from originally Jason teasing him and tickling him.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Family time in Florida

We went to Florida over Easter. It was the first time Kaio met his great grandparents who live near Tampa. Grandpa, grandma and Aunt Carrie also came down from Colorado to see us! We had a great time. Besides the early morning wake ups (there is a 5 hour time difference so Kaio was ready to play at 2am, which on the second day onwards was 5:30) it was so amazing to see Kaio be happy running around, playing with everyone and adoring all the attention.
One of the days we adventured to the beach. He absolutely loved it specially because this was followed by sitting on pepe's Bernie lap for a nice milkshake!
Kaio had a blast with pepe Bernie (and the entire family). There was a very special connection between them and reinforces it is a great middle name we picked for Kaio.
Kaio had his first Easter hunt, organized by grandma. Since it was hot in Florida we used plastic eggs. (the boiled eggs we painted, which was fun doing, were cracked and ended up being a nice egg salad!) He got the 'egg hunting' concept very easily and enjoyed running around collecting the eggs (with a little help from us)
Kaio did really well on the plane (both ways) and was very interested in the planes, machinery and staff at the airports.
1) Cool dude with mommy!
2) Looking at the 'wildlife' in Florida (there is a lizard on the tree to the right)
3) Touching the flora in Florida
4) Grandpa, daddy and Kaio at the beach
5) Having fun with Aunt Carrie at the beach
6) Very interested in pepe's horse story
7) Pepe, Grandpa and Kaio on the golf cart
8) Mommy and Kaio looking at the manatees (it's the big 'stone looking' thing on the right of the picture)
9) Kaio and pepe having fun in the garden (they both have a smile on their face!)
10) Kaio pointing at the fish
11) Kaio having fun in the baby water park
12) Easter egg hunt

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Budapest pictures

Pictures in Budapest:
1) Starting the day with a good cappuccino
2) Walking with mommy
3) Getting tired.... being held by mommy
4 & 5) His new toy - he was trying to blow to get it moving!
6) Staring at the view of the parliament (and boats on the river) with mommy
7) Some more walking
8) Finishing the day with a beer (not for Kaio though)
Pictures at home:
1) in the garden (he loves to water the plants, which almost always results in watering himself also!)
2) Giving treats to Vinny!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Last week I had a meeting in Budapest and on friday Jason and Kaio joined me. Kaio was a great traveller and both Jason and Kaio had fun flying together. Kaio's face was priceless when he saw me - he had just woken up and had a big pouty lip, but when he saw me he opened a huge smile and opened his arms to hug me!!!!! (moments like that are just unforgetful!)
The weekend in Budapest was great. We enjoyed the local architecture, food and hanging out together. Kaio also seemed to have enjoyed the museum. (it was also one of my most enjoyable visits to a museum since Kaio seemed to really be interested in what I was showing him) I showed him the 'birdies', butterflies, babies, etc on antique pots, glasses and paintings while Jason could enjoy the exhibition! Let’s hope he will take after daddy and Oma and really enjoy museums.
Kaio didn't take many naps during the day since he was so interested in everything around him. Luckily he slept really well during the night. (with daylight saving kicking this weekend, we actually got to 'sleep in' on sunday) The flight back also went great (mommy and daddy giving Kaio his full attention). The only minor issue was when we took off, Kaio looked out the window and panicked. He wanted to get as far away from the window as possible and later he kept closing the window and avoiding to look at it. He behaved really well and even ate a whole sandwich he got from the flight attendant.